The Bob (as in Dylan)

"Tight Connection To My Heart"

Ever since falling in love with the song "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" at age nine, I've been tangled up in the genius of Bob Dylan. That's 30 years of devotion through good, bad and sometimes downright ugly times. But with a body of work second to none, The Bob's music is truly a source of never-ending inspiration. You may call it an unhealthy fixation. I call it a healthy fix.


Dylan's Tell Tale Signs: The $175 Third (Disc) Rave

The third disc of Bob's "Tell Tale Signs" may not be worth the outrageous price his record company is trying to sell it for, but it's a definite must-own disc for all real Dylan fans, no matter how they end up getting their hands on it.

The Best 20 Albums and 50 Songs of 2008: Dylan Tops Both Lists

A list of the best music of 2008. And both album and song lists are topped by The Bob, with "Tell Tale Signs" coming in as best album and "Red River Shore" as best song.

The 25 Greatest Dylan Songs of The Past 20 Years

The Best of Late-Era Bob: 1989-2008. A body of work that rivals just about any other of the past 50 years.

You Got A Lotta Nerve: Dylan Named One of The Greatest Singers of All Time

Dylan named the seventh greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. Why so bloody low on the list?!

Tell Tale Signs of Genius: Dylan's Best Album of The Past 20 Years? (Rave #2)

A follow-up rave about Bob's new album, Tell Tale Signs. Two raves about one album? Yes, indeed, it's that good!

Bob's Back: Tell Tale Signs of Joy... and A Complete Lack of Judgement

Bob releases yet another masterpiece... and clearly demonstrates that (at least in recent years) he often has no sense when it comes to knowing his own greatest songs.

The Whole Bloody Bob Renaissance Rave

In praise of the whole Bob Renaissance of the past few years and, in particular, his fantastic radio show "The Theme Time Radio Hour".

The Bob On Neil

Bob raves about Neil Young.

Talkin' Prairie Triangle of Inspiration (A.K.A. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell Make Their Great Escape)

Bob, Neil and Joni's shared common origin.

The "BOB ON BOB" Rave ("This Old Man")

Bob is one of the great singers - yes, singers - of all-time. Period.

The Modern Times of Bob Dylan Rave (A.K.A. The Modern Times of Johnny and The Mighty Bob Rave)

Bob releases a fantastic new album while my friend Johnny, sadly, pines for something totally different.

The Bob The God Mini Rant 'n' Rave (Dylan Clearly A God of Yore)

The Bob may indeed be a god, but he sure as hell ain't infallible.

The Bob and Marty Rave: No Direction Home

The greatest living American musician and greatest living American director come together to give us some great American brilliance in a new documentary and soundtrack.

DAY OF THE BOB: The Dylan Live In Concert Rave

July 17, 2005, Victoria, B.C.: My fourth time seeing The Bob in concert and, as usual, he was strange, bizarre... and amazing.