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My Picks For The Top 100 Films of The Decade

It's been quite an amazing decade for lovers of film. While Hollywood pumped out monstrosities like Transformers and G.I. Joe, real filmmakers continued to make both large and small masterpieces, both inside and, more often, outside the Hollywood system.
So, below are my picks for the best 100 films of the past 10 years. However, instead of one list I've decided to make five: 70 Best Films, 10 Best Comedies, 12 Best Documentaries5 Best Animated Films, and 3 Best Musicals.

My Picks For The Best 25 Films of 2008

It's a full two weeks into the new year and I've finally assembled my list of the best films of the past year. It may be a bit late, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a list of 25 must-see new films; films that helped make this such a phenomenal year for a movie nut like myself.

Distinctive Danes Do It With Devotion: The Danish Cinema and Susanne Bier Rave

What's up with Denmark and great cinema anyway? I mean, with a population of just over five million people how is it that the Danes can so consistently produce some of the best films in the world? The Italians, French and British, with their populations of about 60 million each, I understand. After all, it's not all that hard to produce excellence when you've got hordes of people like that. But the Danes, well, they're a lot like the Irish with their music, or the Belgians with their beers and chocolates, or the Kiwis with their rugby players, or the Quebeckers with their hockey goalies, or, even, the Koreans with their Kims. I mean, really, how do they do it? And where do they get all that talent from?

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