Tony Blair

Defeatist Democrats and The Lethargic Left

I'm a loser, I'm a loser,
And I'm not what I appear to be

      - The Beatles (written by John Lennon), "I'm A Loser"

Is it just me or are the Democrats a pathetic bunch of losers who are too spineless to stand up forcefully for anything they believe in?

The Grim Fairy Tale Rant (Bush, Blair and The Tale Of Brave Little Israel)

Ok, so first thing this morning, as I ate my breakfast, I turned on the news to get me off to yet another depressing start to yet another day and what do I find but these 2 bozos, Bush and Blair, doing a comedy routine in the guise of a press conference. They were taking turns spittin' out identical ideas and even identical phrases. First I thought they were going to start rapping, you know, tradin' rhymes; but then suddenly it seemed like they were so in love with one another's fantasy of the world that they were about to simultaneously expold in ecstasy, right there on live TV.

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