2006 War in Lebanon

The Solutions Rant: A Modest Plan To Solve The Middle East Conflict

About two weeks or so into the Israeli attack on Lebanon in July, after having received my first few rants on the conflict, a friend wrote and asked me what I saw as the solution to the disaster that is the Middle East Conflict. Since then I've been asked similar questions by a couple of other friends. It would appear that just because someone chooses to rant on a topic they are expected to somehow have all the answers to solve it. This, obviously, isn't the case, as I clearly have no idea, for instance, what The Poor Dutch Fan should do come the next World Cup or European Soccer Championships, or what a Dylan fan should make of The Bob's descent into fundamentalist madness for a few years there back in the late-70s and early-80s; but, in this particular case I do, in fact, believe I can suggest some solutions for a lasting peace, however unlikely it may be that they'll ever be implemented. So, here, below, is the gist of what I wrote to that first friend back in July. It may never happen, but this, I believe, is the minimum needed for any semblance of a just and lasting peace:

The Grim Fairy Tale Rant (Bush, Blair and The Tale Of Brave Little Israel)

Ok, so first thing this morning, as I ate my breakfast, I turned on the news to get me off to yet another depressing start to yet another day and what do I find but these 2 bozos, Bush and Blair, doing a comedy routine in the guise of a press conference. They were taking turns spittin' out identical ideas and even identical phrases. First I thought they were going to start rapping, you know, tradin' rhymes; but then suddenly it seemed like they were so in love with one another's fantasy of the world that they were about to simultaneously expold in ecstasy, right there on live TV.

The Destruction of Lebanon Rant (Israel and The Art of Collective Punishment)

Well over 100 civilians killed in Lebanon and the headline on all the mainstream news websites is "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". 15 Lebanese children killed in one strike alone and Bush just keeps going on about Israel's right to defend itself from "terror". And, I repeat, 15 Lebanese children killed and the news that just has to be reported is "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". The entire country of Lebanon living under Israel's reign of terror, mass killings and destruction and the talk is, as always, of Islamic "terrorists"... and "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". Thousands of Arabs kidnapped and taken away to rot in Israeli gulags, after ridiculous show trials, and the emphasis is on 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers held in Lebanon... and "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". Is there something wrong with this picture or what?

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