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The Grim Fairy Tale Rant (Bush, Blair and The Tale Of Brave Little Israel)

Ok, so first thing this morning, as I ate my breakfast, I turned on the news to get me off to yet another depressing start to yet another day and what do I find but these 2 bozos, Bush and Blair, doing a comedy routine in the guise of a press conference. They were taking turns spittin' out identical ideas and even identical phrases. First I thought they were going to start rapping, you know, tradin' rhymes; but then suddenly it seemed like they were so in love with one another's fantasy of the world that they were about to simultaneously expold in ecstasy, right there on live TV.

The Destruction of Lebanon Rant (Israel and The Art of Collective Punishment)

Well over 100 civilians killed in Lebanon and the headline on all the mainstream news websites is "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". 15 Lebanese children killed in one strike alone and Bush just keeps going on about Israel's right to defend itself from "terror". And, I repeat, 15 Lebanese children killed and the news that just has to be reported is "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". The entire country of Lebanon living under Israel's reign of terror, mass killings and destruction and the talk is, as always, of Islamic "terrorists"... and "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". Thousands of Arabs kidnapped and taken away to rot in Israeli gulags, after ridiculous show trials, and the emphasis is on 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers held in Lebanon... and "8 Israelis killed in Haifa". Is there something wrong with this picture or what?

The Gushing Hypocrite, His Buddy Hu and Bozo The God King Rant (AKA The Bush and Hu the %&$# is Gyanendra Rant)

I was going to start this rant with some lame attempt to be witty, such as:

Q. Hu was that guy Bush was getting all defensive for today at the White House?
A. Yes.


Who's Hu and why is Bush so enamored with him?

But in the end I decided to just go with this:

I could easily write a whole rant on nothing but Bush's reaction to that heckler at the White House this afternoon. You know, the woman who was, after all, simply just shouting out some truth about the reality of the dictatorship in China and its brutal oppression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement. Did you see the look of disgust on Bush's face? Thankfully, for those who like polite meetings with dictators, he quickly apologized to Chinese President Hu. Now everything's going to be ok, right? What a pathetic hypocrite! This was the guy who was supposedly so upset and worried about the human rights situation in Iraq that he had to destroy the whole country. I could write a whole other rant about how he sucked up to Hu all day. I mean, we're talking about a country - China - that still runs gulags, er, I mean "re-education camps", which are full of tens of thousands of innocent people. But, come to think of it, America's been running its very own gulag in Guantanamo Bay for years now, so I guess they can't really call other countries on such things anymore, can they? But, still, it sure looks pathetic. Don't you think he must feel at least a little bit embarrassed about sucking up to the leader of a communist dictatorship that throws people in jail for 10 to 15 years at a time for such things as publishing articles about a peaceful transformation to democracy?

A Perfect Billy Bragg Song: Even More Relevant Today‏

Even more relevant today than when it was written nearly 20 years ago, check out this great song by Billy Bragg from his excellent album "Talking With The Taxman About Poetry". Change a word here and there and you've got yourself an incredibly topical song.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Friday, January 28th, 2005

The Bigus Dikus Rant: The Bush and Dick Show

Don't you ever get the feeling that George W. is a whole lot like Pontius Pilate in Monty Python's classic film "Life Of Brian" and he just can't figure out why everyone's laughing at him? You know, Pontius Pilate, he of the best friend Bigus Dikus.

The 11-Year-Old Terrorist Rant (A.K.A. The Great Leader Rant)

Of course we all know those 3 boys (aged 13, 15 and 15) that the Americans just released from the Guantanamo Bay gulag were a serious threat to U.S. and world security. We know because Great (Bush League) Leader told us so. And just like he told us a few years back that he was a moderate who was going to govern from the center, and just like he told us last year that Iraq unquestionably possessed large stockpiles of W.M.D., Great Leader also told us, repeatedly, that those held at Guantanamo Bay were, and are, very serious threats to American and international peace and security. And, of course, we all trust and believe in Great Leader because he is, after all, The Leader Of The Free World - and self-anointed titles simply don't come much better than that, with the possible exception of Idi Amin's claim to be the King Of Scotland.

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