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The Humiliation of Canada Rant: Harper, Bush and The Bathetic Bali Balk

Hey all you fellow Canadians out there, as Bob Dylan once asked, how does it feel? How does it feel to have a government that is such a disgraceful embarrassment on the international stage? I mean, when your country's only real ally on a major issue is George W. Bush's America you've really got to stop and ask yourself just what the hell went wrong? And the answer, obviously, starts with the election of this Stephen Harper-led right-wing Bush-a-like government of ours two years ago. The only question now seems to be, just how far down do these jokers plan to drag us?

What a Dick!...tator: The Musharraf Rant

A.K.A. Bush's Dick - And I Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Cheney

What you've got over there in Pakistan right now is yet another one of those petty power-obsessed pricks doing what petty power-obsessed pricks always seem to do: Usurp power. Like so many other egotistical, megalomaniacal buffoons, this Musharraf idiot sees himself as the savior of his country. And to save it, of course, he must attack anyone and everyone that challenges his right to be Big Boss and Supreme Savior. If that means destroying the judiciary and throwing all the legitimate democratic leaders in jail, well so be it. Like Mugabe, like Kim Jong Mentally-il, like Pinochet, like Gaddafi, like every other Messianic Savior of Nation and People out there, he not only knows that he's right and everyone else is wrong, he also knows that he alone can see the way forward and he alone can save the nation from ruin. A ridiculously pathetic buffoon, straight and simple.

The Canadian Abandonment of Omar Khadr Rant

The American gulag in Guantanamo Bay has one - just one - remaining Western captive still being held by the U.S. government. His name is Omar Khadr. And he's Canadian. Every other Western government did all it could and eventually won the release of every single one of its citizens held in that Kafkaesque joke of a camp. But not our government. No, the Canadian government has abandoned this guy. And the worst thing is he was already abandoned back when he was just a 15 year old kid. That's how old he was when the American's locked him up and started their mental and physical torture regiment on him. Torturing kids? Yup, that's how fucked up the American government has become. Abandoning Canadian kids in foreign gulags? You bet, that's exactly how fucked up the Canadian government has become.

China The Coddler and The Tyrannical Three: The Burma, North Korea and Sudan Rant

You really have to hand it to China. I mean, there's simply no denying the magnificent effort the Chinese government has put into becoming an old school Superpower, in the mold of America and the Soviets during the Cold War. Just look at how passionately the Chinese defend, love and nurture three of the most despicable regimes on the planet. That is, Burma, North Korea and Sudan, of course. Check out Beijing's heartfelt apologia for mass slaughter and horrific repression. Watch in amazement as petty dictators and genocidal regimes are coddled and cozied up to. And marvel at the sheer stubbornness and complete lack of morality on display as China increasingly steps out onto the world stage.


Whether it be Burma's ruthless suppression of its own people, North Korea's starvation of millions of its citizens while spending all of the country's money on nuclear weapons and the military, or Sudan's genocide of the people of Darfur, China is always there to encourage the tyrants, load 'em up with weapons, and protect them from sanctions and censor in the UN Security Council. To put it succinctly, China's simply there for them whenever they're in need. 'Cause, hey, as that old song goes, and as any petty dictator will tell you, "we all need somebody to lean on".

"Convict" Nelson Mandela Unwelcome In Canada? The Asinine Canadian Law Rant

In case you may have missed it, Canada, as the policy now stands, would turn back at the border Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, everyone ever jailed in the gulags of Stalin or Kim Jong Mentally-il, and anyone else who has ever stood up to unjust laws and regimes. It seems we just don't want their kind around here. Way to go Canada, way to make me proud to be Canadian.

Bush, The Veto and The Little People: The WPE Rant

Would you go after children, I mean really go after them in a vicious heartless sort of way, just to win a campaign? Because that's exactly what Bush has just done. As you're probably already well aware by now, Bush, for some years now, has been running an aggressive, some would say ruthless, campaign for the title of Worst President Ever (WPE). It's true, sometimes he does blow it by showing tiny amounts of concern or even regret - no, regret is too strong a word - about the nearly-4000 dead American soldiers in Iraq, but no one can deny that he's mastered the whole aura of indifference when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead and the destruction of their country. And, really, you have to admit he's run a brilliant campaign when you consider not only the debacle in Iraq, but also other things such as Katrina, the American gulag at Guantanamo Bay, his passionate defense of torture, his massive budget deficits, etc, etc. But going after poor sick kids like he's doing now, well that's truly a masterstroke. I really don't see how he could possibly lose after this.

The Tale of Two Sickos Rant 'n' Rave (Michael Moore, Grandpa and the Glorious Soapdown)

Two nights ago I finally saw Michael Moore's new film "Sicko" and I'd have to say it was his best film yet. But before I even had a chance to see that "Sicko" I saw another one and it wasn't until afterwards that I realized just how much the one proved the other correct. The film is all about the not-so-funny joke that is the American healthcare system. And clearly, as is true with most things when you want to make a point, two Sickos is better than one.

The Mindless Iraqi Psychopaths Rant

We all know who is ultimately responsible for the total and utter catastrophe that Iraq has become since being unjustly and illegally invaded and occupied three and a half years ago; I mean, the whole world knows who is ultimately guilty for the horrendous ongoing carnage and wholesale destruction in and of that country; but let's talk for a moment about some other immoral bastards. Specifically, what's with these psychopaths in Iraq torturing and murdering hundreds of innocent people a month for no other reason than they happen to belong to the other side of the sectarian divide (Shia or Sunni). Not only are these death squads slaughtering completely innocent civilians on a daily basis, but, before senselessly killing them, they're actually torturing these people for absolutely no other reason than hatred. Torture, not for information or any other purpose, just for psychotic pleasure, it would seem.

The Solutions Rant: A Modest Plan To Solve The Middle East Conflict

About two weeks or so into the Israeli attack on Lebanon in July, after having received my first few rants on the conflict, a friend wrote and asked me what I saw as the solution to the disaster that is the Middle East Conflict. Since then I've been asked similar questions by a couple of other friends. It would appear that just because someone chooses to rant on a topic they are expected to somehow have all the answers to solve it. This, obviously, isn't the case, as I clearly have no idea, for instance, what The Poor Dutch Fan should do come the next World Cup or European Soccer Championships, or what a Dylan fan should make of The Bob's descent into fundamentalist madness for a few years there back in the late-70s and early-80s; but, in this particular case I do, in fact, believe I can suggest some solutions for a lasting peace, however unlikely it may be that they'll ever be implemented. So, here, below, is the gist of what I wrote to that first friend back in July. It may never happen, but this, I believe, is the minimum needed for any semblance of a just and lasting peace:

The Blame The Victims Rant (Up with the strong, down with the weak)

I'd like to ask one simple question: Just what kind of country are we? What kind of people are we? And I'm not just talking about Canada and Canadians, but the whole Western world. Do we really see ourselves as the champions of the strong over the weak? Are we really for the oppressors rather than the oppressed? The colonizers rather than the colonized?

Yes, I'm at least partly referring to Israel and their treatment of the Palestinians (and at times the Lebanese as well), but I'm also talking about many other conflicts around the world. It seems that we now, in almost all cases, side with those in power; that is, those doing the most killing, oppressing and terrorizing; those committing the worst war crimes and human rights abuses. And when I say "we" I, of course, mean the "we" represented by our governments and the majority of our media.

Aside from the Darfur conflict in Sudan, it seems we've taken sides AGAINST the weak, the oppressed, the downtrodden and the victimized in just about every conflict and struggle around the globe in recent years; AGAINST people who are only fighting for that which we all take for granted and accept as our inherent rights. So, seriously, what the hell's wrong with us? That's what I want to know.

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