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The Axis of Medieval Rant: Bring On The Show Trials, Witches and Waterboarding

You've all heard of The Axis Of Evil, of course, but what about The Axis of Medieval? Because, man, has it ever been a great week for them! In fact, it's been an amazing week for all admirers of the Dark Ages and all fans of Medieval systems, techniques and mindsets. First there was the report out of Saudi Arabia the other day about the Saudi Arabian "witch" being sentenced to death for, uh, "casting spells" on some guy, then there was this buffoon in the White House threatening to veto a Senate bill outlawing torture, and, finally, there was the start of the show trials for some of the most prominent tortured inmates at the Guantanamo Bay gulag. Truly a great week for Medieval lovers everywhere.

Mad Medieval Mutterings of Misogynistic Mullahs: Iran vs Saudi Arabia in "Always Blame The Victim"

or Iran vs Saudi Arabia in "The Ascendancy of Asininity"

Ok, so two weeks ago you heard about the delightful tale of the 19-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia who, for the crime of being gang-raped, was sentenced to be tortured and permanently disfigured - to call flogging by its real name - followed by 6 months in prison. Well, today we're reminded that, when it comes to full-on barbaric, feudal, Dark Age Mentalities, the Saudis are relatively timid and moderate compared to their brothers in asininity in the Iranian judiciary. I can almost hear the Iranian taunts now: "Hey, Saudis, you call that a sentence? How about death to an 18-year-old for the crime of being raped by her brothers and forced into sex slavery by her parents? Bet you can't beat that, you pansies!"

Saudi Arabia: Land of Justice and Godliness

What a lovely country that Saudi Arabia is. Check out this BBC article about a 19-year-old woman who is not only going to prison for being gang-raped, but is also facing 200 lashes.

Yes, 6 months in prison and a good whipping till all the skin has been ripped off her back, all for the crime of being gang-raped.

The What's Not To Like Rant (Things Are Lookin' Up)

Are you one of those people who after reading one too many of my rants feels like saying: "Hey, don't be so bloody pessimistic, the world may seem to be a giant house of horrors at times, but really it's not all that bad"? Well, you may be surprised to hear that I totally agree with you. So many countries have indeed been moving forward and progressing in so many different ways recently. Things are looking up the world over. Let's count the ways.

The Wise Men of Kashmir Rant

Get this: One of the rebel groups, the Harkat-ul Jehad-e-Islami, fighting the Indian army in Kashmir made a number of threats over the past year that are sure to make life much more wonderful, happy and free for all the Kashmiri people.

Here are some of their threats/demands/orders to the local population:

- Any women who do not stop working for the government will be immediately killed.

- No girls should attend school.

The Pakistan Rant or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Rapists

Imagine a law designed and used specifically to protect rapists and to punish those who are raped. A law - a whole legal system in fact (the Sharia Islamic law system) - that says rape doesn't actually happen, it's really just women fornicating.


In this legal system, with this form of "justice", 99% of rapists go free while many raped women are sent to prison to serve long sentences. Sound ridiculous? Sound impossible? Well, it exists alright, in a very real country called Pakistan, and thousands of very real women are wasting away in prison right at this very moment simply because they were raped.

The Scotland Rant

Now here's something that even the Taliban might find extreme, unjust, ridiculous and barbaric. The government of Scotland has proposed a law to jail the parents of juvenile offenders/criminals. The kid steals a car - throw the mom in jail! The kid gets into a fight and stabs someone - send dad to prison! Make the bastard pay! If mom has died or run off, well then throw grandma in jail! What the hell? Someone's got to pay for junior's bad behavior.

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