"Paths of Victory"

Though I love to play all sorts of different sports myself, when it comes to watching I'm definitely most passionate about The Fastest Sport In The World, hockey, and The Biggest Game On Earth, soccer. And when it comes to soccer, in particular, I feel that sometimes it's important to have your priorities straight. Sometimes you just have to know when it's time to rearrange your whole schedule in order to watch each and every game of the World Cup or European Championships. In fact, I'd say few things in life are as clear, simple, straightforward and obvious.


Featured Rave from Sports: Soccer

Agony Revisited: Please Take Pity On The Poor Dutch Fan

After watching the Dutch crash out of the EURO 2008 Soccer Championships a little earlier today, I decided that I had no choice but to, once again, write about the agony of being a Dutch soccer fan.


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Featured Rave from Sports: Hockey:

The Magnificent Mario Lemieux Rave

Sad news today: One of the 2 or 3 greatest players to ever play the game of hockey has announced his retirement. Yes, at the age of 40 Mario Lemieux is calling it quits. Lemieux, like Gretzky, made watching the NHL (and international tournaments like the Canada Cup) an absolute joy back in the 80's and early-90's. But, personally, my favorite Mario memories are definitely from December 2000 to May 2001 when, after 3 years of retirement and at the relatively ripe old age of 35, he made one of the greatest comebacks in professional sports history, not only guiding the Penguins to the Eastern Conference Finals and just barely missing the Stanley Cup Finals, but also becoming the leading scorer in the league from the time of his comeback until the end of the season.


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Featured Rave from Sports: Other:

Olympic Joy, Heroic Sid, Drunken Happy People, and Freaky Norwegians

A look at the real highlights of the Vancouver Winter Games.


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Newbie faces to the Collage

Yo Cowibunga; Mike, i was just looking at some of the space still available in the collage at the top of this page, and it looks like you could jam in, without too much crowding, all 15 faces of the current undefeated champs of the mens over 30 sunshine coast soccer league. it would also have good marketting appeal, with the devilish good looks of the CPU squad. After a brief perusal, i figure me, Kurt and Eoin could go along side your beloved net ripping Lemieux. Our midfield of Ted Hume Martin Simon and Zander could tuck in next to Zidane, while backfield wunderkinders Jer, Pat Jimmy Shane Cullen and Jeff could maybe occupy the back of the collage. What do you think? I'm looking for some open tolerant inclusive progressive-as in Coast Progressive- input here. Cheers; DaveR