The Victimizing The Victims Rant (Sex Abuse Survivors Legally Swindled By Own Lawyers)

Imagine being sexually and emotionally abused, raped and/or sodomized, and completely traumatized as a young child by someone you thought you could trust more than anyone else, your priest. Then, when you finally overcome your shame and tell someone about it, your church, the same one you were raised to have faith in as a holy institution, not only fails to punish your attacker, but does everything possible to cover up the crime while offering you no comfort whatsoever. And then, amazingly, those running the church actually go on to transfer that same sick rapist to another church where he can violate more victims and destroy many more young innocent lives.

And then imagine you find out they did the same despicable thing in hundreds of different cases.

Now imagine you wait decades to finally get a payout and an apology from the local diocese in a settlement that in no way returns your lost childhood or any of the lost happiness, self-esteem and/or mental stability you forfeited, only to find that some new sickos are right there waiting to take advantage of you in a whole different way. Or, I should say, you realize they've been right by your side feigning sympathy for quite a while now. All in the hopes of wildly benefiting from your pain and suffering.

Well, that's exactly what's just happened in Los Angeles this week when the Catholic Church, as I'm sure you've all already heard by now, paid out $660 million to more than 500 victims of clergy sexual abuse before the case could go to trial and embarrass the Church any further with detailed testimony of the horrors that went on and were subsequently covered up. The victims will indeed get some money, but only about 60% of it, for, if the media reports are true, their lawyers are entitled to up to 40% of the cut. Forty percent! We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars - $264 million to be precise - for a case anyone could have handled. It was an open-shut case. And it never even went to court for &%*# sakes!!! Can you imagine the complete absence of morals involved in someone making that kind of easy money off of victims of childhood sexual assault?

Don't these lawyers kind of remind you of certain other people who befriended and then abused people for nothing but their own self-gratification?

Abused not once, but twice. Literally screwed by your priest then figuratively all over again by your bloodsucking lawyers. Repulsive, is the only polite word that comes to mind.

Now I would hope that at least some of these lawyers would have enough human dignity, morality, self-respect and common sense to realize that they don't actually need, or deserve, to earn tens of millions of dollars for this job and that perhaps the victims should, in fact, get at least, say, 80% of the payout. You know, considering that they were the ones who were raped and all. This is what I hope, but sadly what is much more likely is that most, if not all, of these lawyers will just take the money and run.

And I wonder if those who do will brag to their kids, as they sail around the globe on their new 100-foot-long yachts, about what great work they've done to help the suffering and abused?

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

masters at deceit

Your right, same with the orphans in Quebec