The Canadian Justice System Rant: A System So Broken It's Criminal

Seeing that things have finally started to quiet down in the good ol' USA - after a crazy summer dominated by all those rabid, angry, crazy, incensed right-wing teabaggers, birthers and townhall shouters with all their mad cries of "Socialism!" and "Fascism!" and "Obama was born in Kenya!" - I was thinking it might be safe to once again venture down there for a vacation.


It appears that the rednecks have put their guns away for the moment. At least until Obama tries to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". And since that looks like it's coming pretty soon, the time for a safe trip south clearly seems to be now or never.

We were thinking of returning to Louisiana, the place where my wife and I spent over a month, back in early-2001, enjoying all the great music, Cajun food, the Mississippi, Lake Pontchartrain, the swamplands full of 'gaters, and the wonderful cities of New Orleans and Lafayette.

But that's when I saw this - a story about a justice of the peace down there in Louisiana who refused to marry an interracial couple on moral grounds.

Yes, right now, in the year 2009. And, no, I am not kidding.

He claims, being the compassionate man that he is, to have taken this stand out of "pity". Pity for the poor children that would be the spawn of any such Godforsaken interracial union.

Ah, the joys of the American Deep South. And you thought it was just gays and immigrants and liberals and educated elites they hated down there these days.

"Yeah, but it's only one guy", I hear you say. That's true, but he openly admits that he's had this policy for years now and that he's refused to marry a number of other couples before this... and he's never been fired.

"Oh, Mike, be more tolerant of the intolerant", I hear some people say.

Um, how about no. Not a chance. No way. Never.

Justice, Canadian Style

So, I was feeling pretty smug and happy about not being American, as we Canadians so often do, until I saw this story - about a horrifically violent rapist who just absconded while out on parole in Calgary - and I remembered just what a pathetic criminal justice system we have here in this country and how totally messed up Canada can also be.

If you haven't read about this case already, be forewarned, it is quite disturbing.

A brief summary:

In 2001 this guy, Dean Robert Zimmerman, was sentenced to jail for brutally raping, tormenting and torturing his pregnant wife in an attack that lasted over 48 hours. He not only repeatedly assaulted her, he also broke her nose and threatened to cut her unborn baby from her belly. And this attack took place while he was out on parole for the earlier violent rape of a 19-year-old woman.

Then, after serving less than four years in jail for that horrific attack, the guy was released and, on January 1st 2005, he committed yet another vicious attack, this time a nine-hour sex assault/torture session involving a toilet plunger and a 24-year-old Edmonton woman.

He pleaded guilty to sexual assault involving a weapon and forcible confinement and was sent away for - wait for it - 40 whole months in prison.

Yes, that's right, forty long months. That's three years and four months in prison for a savage sexual and physical assault and sadistic torture session. His third such conviction in a few short years to boot.

When exactly, one wonders, will the courts start considering this guy a threat to society and someone, perhaps, deserving of a real substantial prison sentence?

It's not just the courts though. The whole system is a joke. He was actually sentenced to six years - a rather insignificant sentence considering his crimes - but on September 29th he was released... nearly three years early.

"But maybe he was reformed and repentant?", you say.

Well, actually the National Parole Board describes him as a psychopath who is lacking remorse and empathy and whose violence towards women is escalating to a deadly level. Just last year they wrote that if released "There is a likelihood [he] would commit an offence causing serious harm or death".


And so they released him. And now he's skipped out on parole and is on the run.


Just The Facts

These are the facts: A man who refused prison therapy and remains an untreated, unremorseful, high risk, psychotic, violent sexual offender was given early release last month (for the third time running).

Sounds like a perfect candidate for early release (and lenient sentencing) to me.

Hey, National Parole Board of Canada, how have those early releases been working out for this guy so far?

An Irrational, Nonsensical System

So, that about sums it up. Here in modern day Canada you can violently brutalize, terrorize, beat, rape and traumatize somebody for hours, or even days, at a time and then find yourself free on parole a few short years later, at which time you can do it all over again.

Perhaps next time this guy will get at least eight years? And maybe he can serve four or five of them this time?


The term "Canadian justice system" is simply an absurd farce and a cruel joke.

I'm not saying I want a brutal lock-'em-up-and-throw-away-the-key system like the one they have down there in the States. But, come on Canada, this is simply disgraceful. How about a little common sense?

When a psychopath rapes and tortures three different women in three separate attacks over a period of less than a decade maybe, just maybe, after his third conviction he should be locked up for a little longer than just three years.

Or maybe it's just me? Is no one else sickened, repulsed, enraged and ashamed by all of this?

And it's hardly the first case. In fact, I'd say that extremely lenient sentencing for serious violent crimes is actually the norm here in Canada.


An Even More Disturbing Case

This Zimmerman case reminds me of another equally bewildering case from almost exactly three years ago now. In that case a man and a woman in Winnipeg were sentenced for the kidnapping, imprisonment and rape of two young girls, aged 12 and 13. The 12-year-old was held for two months as a sex slave and continuously drugged, raped, tormented and tortured while the 13-year-old was also raped numerous times and eventually became pregnant.

Like Zimmerman, this couple showed absolutely no remorse and asked for no forgiveness. So, what kind of sentence do you think they received? Yup, you got it, two years for the woman and nine years for the man. Only about half to be served behind bars of course.

As Bob Dylan sang in "Hurricane", his rage-fueled song about a different sort of miscarriage of justice:

"Couldn't help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game".

But then again...

Perhaps I just need to be a bit more positive and a lot less pessimistic. Because, in the immortal words of Meat Loaf, two out of three ain't bad, right? The "Canadian justice system" is, in fact, almost perfect: It's definitely Canadian and it's most certainly a system. All it's really lacking is justice.

No, screw that naive positive-thinking stuff. The truth is the Canadian justice system is a lot like Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band without Bruce Springsteen. The sixties without the Beatles and Stones. Taxi Driver without Robert DeNiro. The Big Lebowski without The Dude. Rum & coke without the rum. Hawaiian pizza without the pineapple. Fawlty Towers without John Cleese. And The Colbert Report without Stephen Colbert.

Oh, yeah, and the Deep South without guns and bigots.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Saturday, October 17th, 2009


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refused entry

ordainary people witha drunk driving record are not allowed into canada , their holier than thou system cannot tolerate a drunk driver even if he paid his fine and did his time , you have to be a celebrity then it is okay the sean penn`s , nick nolte and all the hollywood crowd who have records , including the atheletes that go there to play sports every year are all welcome , they spend more than we do. and canadian officals can thump their chest as to how law abiding they are using poor people as cannon fodder , they think nothing of loading up the borders with distelleries during prohibition, while they were dry .what a bunch of hypocrites

Canada's mosty bad justice Ministers


Another 10-plus comments

You can read another 10-plus comments posted in response to this piece on The Georgia Straight's site here.

From a relative of one of the victims

I am a family member of one of the victims, i will not say which one as we are all in hiding, but this really truthfully disgusts me!!! this man should be shipped to america for the death penalty and i dont belive in it! not only for what he did to my relative but for whet he did to others and will continue to do if he is not rightfully punished...this guys mother probably pukes at the very thought of him, i know i would!!!

A dangerous offender

I fail to understand why this man has not been declared a "dangerous sexual offender", and hence sentenced accordingly. I have been an expert witness at two rape trials in Toronto where this designation ensured that the rapist got an extremely long sentence. How come there are different standards in different jurisdictions when we have a national criminal justice system? DM

The Criminals that "RUN" our Justice System in Canada

There you go again Mike, opening up another can of Worms,or should I say RATS! You are exactly right, in every respect. Crimes against Women, and Children, are woefully lacking in justice. Crimes for stealing money carry the harsh sentences.


As a Woman, I feel particularly anguished. I am a victim of Domestic violence, I almost lost my life. The Man was never charged with attempted Murder, not even criminal assault. He served a "whole" seventeen, yes, SEVENTEEN , days in jail. Not one of those was for what he did to me. It was for a Breech of probation. The police were certainly NOT on my side, nor did they offer any support, quite the opposite! There was never a doubt "Who" they believed. I was not only the victim of a horrific crime, I was a victim of our so called Justice system. I am angry, frustrated and yes, scared. There is no where to run.

canada uses legal

canada uses legal realism america uses the death sentence canada is living in 2010 america is living in 1910


Well then I'd rather be living in 1910 than in an age where criminals are free to do whatever the hell they want to innocent people. Time to bring back the sentencing of the early 1900s.