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"World Gone Wrong"

Everything Is Broken down on Desolation Row, leaving me Tangled Up In Blue and ready to blow.



Imagine: A Common-Sense Justice System That Frowns On Police Brutality

Imagine a land where the courts uphold your right to punch an abusive cop in the face in self defense.

The Dziekanski Killing and Cover-Up: Even Fellow Cops Now Feel Compelled To Speak Out In Disgust

As more and more is learned about the death of Robert Dziekanski at the hands of those four RCMP officers at Vancouver International Airport, more and more people are speaking out in disgust, including some former RCMP officers, who have some rather damning things to say.

Cowards and Apologists: The Police Brutality Rant

A rant about the scourge of police brutality and the pathetic reality of the knee-jerk defenders of all such brutality, no matter how horrific.

And Injustice For All: Cops Face No Charges In Death of Robert Dziekanski

Over a year after the incident, the RCMP finally finish up their investigation of themselves... and, surprise, surprise, they find they did absolutely nothing wrong in the death of newly-arrived immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver airport in October 2007.

Kill, Duck and Cover: The RCMP Rant

Robert Dziekanski, an innocent man just arriving to start a new life in Canada, is senselessly killed by those he only wanted and expected help from: the police.

The Victimizing The Victims Rant (Sex Abuse Survivors Legally Swindled By Own Lawyers)

A story of greed at its very worst.

The Black Hole of Arrogance Rant 'n' Rave (Conrad Black Convicted)

The most arrogant and unlikable (former) Canadian finally gets put in his place.

The Disgusting Nipple Rant

A nation's true character revealed by its reaction to one revealed breast.

The Screw Remorsefulness and Repentance Rant

The Canadian "justice system:" One of the world's most oxymoronically-named institutions.



Larry Fitzpatrick

A few years ago I was diognosed with bipolar 1 desorder. At the time I was at lest 8 to 10 days without food and sleep. My wife phoned the police because she said I was acting stange. I was forced to take meds. I always disogreed with their diognoses but because child and family services was all over our houses frightening the shit out of us I agreed to my wife I would take the meds to shut everone up. The meds never work on me in fact I think I was more dangerious on the meds than off. In 2009 I found out that I have a serious B12 desorder that was missed in their diognosis. I stop taking the meds and start taking B12 shoots. Today I feel 200% better but Im scared to death every time me and wife get into an arguement she is going to phone the RCMP and have me committed. I have no crimal records I have no history of violance but I did punch a hole in the wall at onetime. I wanted my wife to give up her job and stay home with the kids because at the time I had to take 50 dollars out of my cheque to put with her cheque to pay the baby sitter. I told her we were going to get screwed when it comes tax time. Its not that I don't want my wife to have a career it gust didn't make finaceual sence. She was only getting minuam wage at the time. Sure enough tax time came I had to pay in 4000 dollors we lost out on our family allowance which was 800 dollars a month. I was laid off. Now my wife works full time.

Larry Fitzpatrick

I love my wife and kids life is cruel sometimes im not crazy.