The Pope's Annual X'mas Message of Hate

Benny The Pontificator Strikes Again

That buffoon Benedict is at it once again, lashing out at gays in yet another hate-filled speech and declaring that civilization must be saved from the evil, destructive influence of homosexuality (read more here: Pope attacks blurring of gender, and here: Gay groups angry at Pope remarks).

Now that's a Christmas message we can all get behind, isn't it? A message of peace, love and joy. Yet another classic in a long line of greats, such as the one about the corrosive influence of premarital sex on society; the one concerning the evils of birth control, particularly condoms (even in AIDS-ravaged places such as sub-Saharan Africa); and let's not forget that oldie-but-goodie: the need to conquer and convert all heathens and infidels.

Nailed It!

There's always got to be an enemy of a righteous, godly society. Witches, Jews, Protestants, Muslims and condoms have all had their turn, so why not gays today? Once again, you've nailed it Benny. Way to go!

I've got lots more to say about these regular Papal pontifications of hate, but, the funny thing is, I've already said it all. In fact, I don't need to change a single word from the piece I wrote exactly two years ago today, a piece written in response to an earlier instalment in Benny's long-running series of homophobic diatribes.

Here it is. And see if you don't agree that it's as accurate and relevant today as it was back then... and, sadly, as it will almost certainly be next year after he once again decides to spew some more hate:


The Speaking Of "Dismal Theories" Rant (The Pope Spews Some X'mas Hate)


Ok, look, it's the holiday season and I really don't have the time, nor the inclination, to rant right now; however, I've sadly been left with no other choice.

Believe me, I was just trying to get into the holiday spirit yesterday when, out of nowhere, I got blindsided by none other than the Holy Pontiff; and he simply left me with no other option but to stand up to his bigotry, hatred and illogical ravings. Hey, somebody's got to do it, right?

What I'm talking about here is the Pope's latest homophobic rant against gays, his disgust at the idea of them being treated as equal human beings, and his rejection of the "dismal theories" of gay marriage. He actually had the nerve to go on and lecture about how gay marriage takes away from men and women's innate sexual identity. This from a guy leading a worldwide group of celibates. He's telling us about men and women's innate sexual identity?! He's got to be kidding, right? He wants us to believe that lifelong celibacy doesn't strip men and women of their innate sexual identity?! What's with this guy?

Hey, Benedict, you want to fight for some real justice for humanity? How about going after all those pedophile priests your church shuffled from one town to another as a matter of policy, decade after decade - no, make that century after century - while untold numbers of children suffered in silence. The issue was only confronted once the courts got involved in places like America and Ireland. And, undoubtedly, the same sick protection of the most guilty is still going on in most corners of the world, in places where the media is more "respectful" of the Church and the people are much more frightened to speak up.

So, take a look at your own morally bankrupt institution before you spread your hate outwards, buddy, and forget about condemning those who just want to live together in a loving committed relationship. There must be something more important for you to spend your energy on than this. There's just got to be.

Speaking of "dismal", illogical theories, who exactly was it who deemed this Pope guy to be closer than anybody else to God anyway? Oh yeah, it was him and his own institution. Which, logically speaking, is right up there with "Jesus loves me yes I know, for the Bible tells me so". I remember that even as a young kid that made absolutely no logical sense. And, if you ask me, teaching kids illogical thinking from the very earliest ages really should be called child abuse, but that's a whole other rant.

For those of you crying out "Please, no more rants so close to X'mas", I can only say "Don't blame me, blame that Pope guy". I mean, somebody's got to speak up when such pathetically ridiculous and outright hypocritical idiocy is being spewed, right? And the fact that it's actually quite comical (having some old celibate guy lecturing the world on other people's innate sexual identity) in no way lessens the need to respond... though it does make it somewhat more fun.


Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008


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Great rant on the pathological homophobe

Great rant on the pathological homophobe. It made me laugh in a depressing way. I watched the report on BBC world news and at the end of the piece, the reporter said something like, "the pope is not trying to offend people, he's an academic, and so he just talks about the world as he thinks it should be" FUCK! I may not have the exact words, but it was something very similar, and as soon as I heard it I thought, so much for objectivity, and more importantly, if he spoke this badly about Jews or black people, would the media still say the same thing? He can speak this way about Muslims and Gays, today's righteous ememies... Jack O' Neill, Ireland

Being Human Does Not Negate Truth

It's not about hate. It's about truth. Why don't you die and since your so smart, figure out a way to come back and tell us what exactly the afterlife is like and if there is a final judgment. The act of sex was created for a purpose. To create life. If you choose to bastardize it and stick your cock up another mans ass, that is your business. But I can think very well for myself and I don't see value in a man having sex with a man. But I'm not going to go around and condemn you but I will tell you that it is something you should not promote and would caution you against taking great pride in it. I will find out for myself what God has to say about me and my behavior when I die as you will about you. And Yes I do believe in God and his word because I can find no fault in it. But I can see a lot of fault in your conduct. If everyone on this earth were to behave and act as you, what shitty world this would be. But if everyone behaved as Jesus, what a wonderful place this would be. Then I truly believe we would put an end to war, hate, greed, lust, neglect, envy, pride, etc. etc. In the spirit of Christ the Lord, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, peace on earth and goodwill toward all.

confused ridiculous mess

Okay whoever wrote that comment should have the guts to sign it with their name. It is basic, today gays live as second class citizens. What we do is oppression plain and simple. We should remedy this as soon as possible because the situation as it is ruins lives. Secondly, you cant find any fault in gods word? WEW where to start with that? Didnt he basically give ALL the women children and animals to us men? So I guess god is perfect and gays and women just have to deal with the fact that we own them? If thats his take then fuck god. If god believes that hes an asshole, and if he wants me to burn in hell for sticking up for innocent people then I'll burn alongside the majority of people on the planet that believe in equal rights. You can go to the tyranny that is heaven and live the high life killing and hurting gays, muslims, animals women or whatever else the big guy decides is bad. Derek

If everyone behaved as Jesus...

I don't recall Jesus specifically targetting gays? Also, i do recall there being a fairly well known part of the new testament accounting for how the son of god befriended tax collectors and not shunned them, the hated ones of his day. Is that not example enough to put aside one's hatred and come together for the common good?

On another note... While an almighty being may be infallible, the ones who penned the bible surely are not, and who is to put it past them to slip in a few of their prejudices? The catholic church itself is rife with corruption, who's to say that the other sects are not as bad?