"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

"God is a concept by which we measure our pain" sang John Lennon. However, Bob Dylan, in his fundamentalist Christian period, claimed "You've gotta serve somebody". No way, replied Lennon, "You gotta serve yourself", to which Leonard Cohen simply sighed "Hallelujah".



An Open Letter To America Concerning The Hate-Filled Homophobes of The Religious Right

The fact is here in Canada same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 and not one traditional marriage that I know of has ever been threatened or damaged in any way whatsoever.

A Narcissistic Sociopathic Cult-Running Ultra-Conservative Child-Diddling Crusader For Christ

A rant about Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, the leader of the ultraconservative Catholic order/cult known as the Legion of Christ. Father of one child, molester of up to a hundred more, this guy - a top adviser to the Pope - had a lot going on.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Benny?

Pope Benny speaks out on condom use in Africa and shows where his true passion lies: Doctrine over human lives. How do you solve a problem as big as Benny?

Excommunicate This!! The Misogyny Running Wild Rant

The "Trinity of Asininity" and other sordid tales. Prepare to be sickened.

Ridiculous & Religulous: Yet Another Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal & Bill Maher's Take On Religion

Another case of the Catholic Church doing what the Catholic Church does best: Showing absolutely no compassion whatsoever for its victims. Oh, and a rave review of Bill Maher's new film "Religulous" too.

The Godless Super Bowl Rant

Something special happened at the Super Bowl game yesterday... and it had nothing to do with the game itself.

The Pope's Annual X'mas Message of Hate

More hate from the medieval mind of Benny The Pontificator.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nails It... Again

A few great words from one very great man.

Touching The Untouchables #7: The Pope

Closest man on earth to God? Well, yeah, certainly, if God likes the promotion of unnecessary death and suffering.

A Eulogy Made In Heaven: Christopher Hitchens On Jerry Falwell

Christopher Hitchens speaks some timely truth about that buffoon Jerry Falwell.

What If: The Sex and Hunger Rant

What if religion and, especially, hardcore religious types treated hunger (one of the essential human drives) the same way they treat sex (another of the essential human drives)?

Touching The Untouchables #5: Pedophile God

Is God a pedophile?

The Don't Thank God For The Lunacy of The Runaway Ego Rant

Is it just me or do you also sometimes ponder the (il)logical implications of that seemingly innocent "Thank God", "Thanks to God", "Thank you God" statement we hear so often?

The "You Fundamentalists Rock!" Mini-Rant ("All We Are Saying Is Give Hate A Chance")

Haters put their mutual hate aside in order to come together in a united front of hate towards others.

The Speaking Of "Dismal Theories" Rant (The Pope Spews Some X'mas Hate)

I was just minding my own business when out of nowhere I suddenly got blindsided by none other than the Holy Pontiff and he left me with no other option but to stand up to his bigotry, hatred and illogical ravings.

Touching The Untouchables #4: "Loving God"

If petty, jealous, spiteful vindictiveness, with a wee bit of wrathfulness thrown in, is your idea of "loving" then this is your guy.

Avi Lewis' Funny Fundamentalists

Who knew fundamentalists could be so funny?

The Vatican Specialists Mini-Rant

What I really want to know is this: Isn't the idea of a bunch of never-married celibate men lecturing the world about marriage more than just a bit ludicrous?

Touching The Untouchables #3: Abraham

God said to Abraham kill me a son...



The Establishment...

serving itself first, as usual, makes laws against cold-blooded murder so the common man don't kill them all off.

Heavens door, Lennon's Penthouse 35

I guess Lennon was knocking on 'Heavens Door', if his rich-guy penthouse in the skyline of Manhattan counts as being in the 'Heavens'. Like you say, Lennon definately did serve himself, served himself up an extra large portion of the American Dream with all the fixings. Though he sang 'All you need is love', apparently the 'you' referred to the teenagers making him rich buying his albums, cause obviously he wanted a whole lot more. A strange version of 'love' too, as Yoko Ono has been at every one of Hinkley's parole hearings obstructing his release, ensuring he stays rotting in prison. DaveR


abuse of Christians is the world's last acceptable prejudice. John Rogers

Intolerance for the Intolerant

Hey Johnny
The only intolerance here is for the intolerant, those who use so-called religious principles to spread hatred, bigotry, fear and repression far and wide. We're not just talking about Christians here, we're talking about the Haters in every religious community, particularly the fundamentalists, of course.
Mike Cowie