A Narcissistic Sociopathic Cult-Running Ultra-Conservative Child-Diddling Crusader For Christ

For those who like their villains sinister, sleazy and self-righteous, not to mention depredatory, you've definitely got to check out this article by Peter Stanford about Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, a close advisor to Pope John Paul II and the founder of the ultraconservative Legion of Christ.

Targeting and then brainwashing the young and naive, forcing them to take a unique private vow to never speak ill of their revered leader, this Marcial Maciel Degollado guy ran his order just like a secret (personality) cult. Everything about life in this religious order/cult was dictated by the whim of the leader, right down to how to properly eat fruits and vegetables. Seriously.

Not only that. It would seem this "narcissistic sociopath" also rode around in a Mercedes, racked up loads of frequent flier miles on the Concorde and enjoyed luxurious stays in five-star hotels, all the while only drinking Evian water and "for medical reasons" only eating steak or a specific type of chicken that had to be flown in from Spain.

Spain, it should be noted, is also the home to the one child he is officially acknowledged to have fathered some 23 years ago (yes, at the same time he was a top advisor to the Pope).

Oh yeah, and over the years this holy/wholly self-absorbed buffoon, who claimed to "have never said no to God", also molested "more than 20 and less than 100" children as well.

And what of the larger church in all of this? Well, for 30 long years, from 1976 - when the first former victim came forward - until 2006, the Vatican did everything in its power to protect and coddle this pedophilic megalomaniac. All the while showing absolutely no concern whatsoever for his victims.

Church Priorities and Concerns

You may say this is just another typical story about the Catholic Church, one we've all heard many times before. And in many ways you'd be right. But, still, Stanford's article is particularly fascinating for all the disturbing details it reveals as well as the vivid picture it paints of the Church's priorities and concerns.

Try to fight against horrific social injustice like all the priests involved in the Liberation Theology movement and the Church will do all it can to silence you, up to and including excommunication. Sexually abuse scores of young children and you still get to be a top advisor to the Pope (even with your pedophilia being a well-known fact to His Holiness).

God's priorities indeed. Well, that is, if you consider God's priorities to include diddling young children with religious fervor.

Here's the link to the article. And for those of you who don't like to read such nasty things about the Church, all I've got to say to you is - to quote the most famous of famous books - the truth shall set you free:

A secret shame: Inside the latest scandal to rock the Catholic church

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

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Good one Mike. With amazing consistency, those who dictate proper behaviour to others, and are self-righteous and "holy" on the outside, are actually compensating for their own "sinful" thoughts and behaviours. That's why so many right-wing politicians have been caught lately having tawdry affairs and homosexual trysts. Also, the US (for example) has the highest marriage rate in the world, by far the highest rate of divorce, AND the highest proportion of believers in dogmatic, prescriptive right-wing Christianity. Most European countries (even Italy!) have way fewer church-goers, and yet have lower divorce rates as well. Having grown up soft-core Catholic in Gordon Head (and now being a secular humanist), I can tell you that most rank and file catholics are not of the fire and brimstone ilk anymore: they use birth control, have sex outside of marriage and so on. It's the creepy church leadership - both locally and in Rome - who doth protest too much about "sin".