Poll #18: Biggest Dick(s) of The Past Decade

Wait...Canadians destroying the environment?

Ya, last time I checked we were hall'n ass to save the environment for years now. Stateisticly the U.S are the big contributers to environmental damage. And for your information its our oil companys who are the dicks, not us. And also the U.S im sure, started the whole oil sands thing. I beleve you should replace "Canadians" with "oil companys"

We are a cause for the problems we face.

Just like the U.S. we do live in houses with gas fireplaces and stoves, we do drive cars, we do have factories throughout the country.. and so on. We really arent saving the planet as we want to think we are. Sure we recycle... but that clearly isnt enough to save the earth. You do see people walk around town, but majority drives cars. Sadly the world revolves around money, and since oil is a contributing factor to many products... what better way to gain money from selling oil. And since it all comes from underground, the earth provides it for free... It all works out well. Without our Canadian Oil Sands, Canada would technically be broke. Alberta provides alot of money to the government because of our oil sands. Its an endless cycle. And the way things are going, the sands wont be closed until the last drop of oil comes up from underneith. To make a long story short... our economy revolves around money. We will sell anything in order to get that money.. even if it sacrifices our earth.

Dubya, Dick and Kim

In terms of global impact? Dubya and Dick by a country mile.

In terms of sheer evil? Kim Jong-Il. No contest. The man's a monster.



Hard choice

I changed my mind like 4 times as I went down that list.


no he wins.


no HE wins.


no HE wins!



I chose the bankers because

I chose the bankers because they are pulling the dicks of so many of the other dicks

Religious fundamentalists

I went with religious fundamentalists because it covers the bases for many of those cited.


Fundamentalist Evangelicals played a large role in the two time election of George Bush, Osama bin Laden and his ilk flew planes into buildings and killed civilians to make "holy" war on the Western world, religion was exploited to perpetuate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for most of the decade, Israel used Zionism in America to continue their aparteid regime in Palestine, conflict between Muslims and Christians played a substancial role in the Darfur crisis in Sudan, the theocratic dictatorship of Iran demonstrated that they will betray the original goals of the republican revolution to stay in power.


It is important to note that my issue is with fundamentalism, not religion as a whole. In many places religion has been a positive force this decade. For example the buddist monks who courageously stood up to the Burmese military Junta or the growing conciousness around the climate change crisis, most especially in the face of so much religious conflict last decade many religious leaders actively denounced violence and promoted greater tolerance and understanding between peoples of faith.


tm croissant


I chose Tony Blair - the others are dicks too but I first thought he's be a good guy. What a dick he turned out to be!!!



All of the above?

Right, since who gives a

Right, since who gives a damn about, say, the Congo?


I don't see 'Americans' on the list. They're pretty much the biggest dicks.

So many choices

Oh man, so many choices. I wish I could check more than one. I have to choose between Bush/Cheney, Fox News, and Religious Fundamentalists? Cripes...


Gotta go with Fox

This was tough, but specifically asking about dick-ishness made me go with Fox. Others are more evil or perhaps have a more negative impact, but Fox epitomizes unabashed greed by knowingly pandering lies and mis-information to a woefully ignorant population. It's this selfish pursuit of market share at all costs that wins it for me.

Tough decision

It was a tough decision but I had to go with Fox "News". I think they've done more to undermine the free world than the others listed, which is a pretty strong assertion, I know. But they have molded soft minds for their own perverted purposes and those minds voted in Bush and Cheney, who established the atmosphere that led to the banksters nearly crashing the world economy.


Fox is very powerful and very malevolent.