Poll #17: Who, if alive today, would be sent away for the longest period of time to either prison or a psychiatric hospital?

Abraham, for claiming to hear voices telling him to kill his son & then actually attempting to go through with it
19% (13 votes)
Sigmund Freud, for his love, promotion, dissemination and distribution of cocaine
3% (2 votes)
Thomas Jefferson, for owning slaves throughout his life, even as he wrote passionately against slavery
3% (2 votes)
Martin Luther for his crazed antisemitic ravings & exhortations to violence, best sampled in his book "On the Jews & Their Lies"
4% (3 votes)
Mohammed, for marrying a 6-year-old girl & then consummating the marriage when she became of consummating age (i.e. 9 years old)
28% (19 votes)
Pope Urban II, for having all married priests’ wives sold into slavery and their children abandoned (in the year 1095)
29% (20 votes)
Socrates, Plato & Aristotle, for their daily erotic escapades with young boys (i.e. for their pedophilia)
13% (9 votes)
Total votes: 68

Also Abraham for saying God

Also Abraham for saying God told him to cut baby boys penises?

Pole #17

Did this pole originate in Israel or was it drafted by AIPAC?