The Gushing Hypocrite, His Buddy Hu and Bozo The God King Rant (AKA The Bush and Hu the %&$# is Gyanendra Rant)

I was going to start this rant with some lame attempt to be witty, such as:

Q. Hu was that guy Bush was getting all defensive for today at the White House?
A. Yes.


Who's Hu and why is Bush so enamored with him?

But in the end I decided to just go with this:

I could easily write a whole rant on nothing but Bush's reaction to that heckler at the White House this afternoon. You know, the woman who was, after all, simply just shouting out some truth about the reality of the dictatorship in China and its brutal oppression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement. Did you see the look of disgust on Bush's face? Thankfully, for those who like polite meetings with dictators, he quickly apologized to Chinese President Hu. Now everything's going to be ok, right? What a pathetic hypocrite! This was the guy who was supposedly so upset and worried about the human rights situation in Iraq that he had to destroy the whole country. I could write a whole other rant about how he sucked up to Hu all day. I mean, we're talking about a country - China - that still runs gulags, er, I mean "re-education camps", which are full of tens of thousands of innocent people. But, come to think of it, America's been running its very own gulag in Guantanamo Bay for years now, so I guess they can't really call other countries on such things anymore, can they? But, still, it sure looks pathetic. Don't you think he must feel at least a little bit embarrassed about sucking up to the leader of a communist dictatorship that throws people in jail for 10 to 15 years at a time for such things as publishing articles about a peaceful transformation to democracy?

For anyone who wants to stop me here to say "Come on Mike, don't be silly, it's always just about money and power (ie. oil, trade, regional influence, bases, etc.), you know that, don't you?", I can only respond that, yes, I know I'm sounding quite naive. I do, of course, realize that it's all about money and power and all that talk of human rights, etc. has no real meaning to people like Bush; but, still, don't ya think the guy should be blushing just a little bit? I mean he was so self-righteous when it came to lecturing the world on Saddam's tyranny, but look at him when it comes to "friends" like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan or "new friends" such as China. It's just a bit too much to take. One thing's for sure though, anyone who was indeed naive enough to believe the invasion of Iraq had anything - ANYTHING! - to do with "freeing the Iraqi people from oppression" would have had to admit their mistake after witnessing today's events. Or perhaps gulags, torture, oppression, and all that don't really count if you can produce REALLY cheap shoes, underwear and kids' toys?

Anyhow, like I said above, I could easily write a couple of long rants, but I think I'll just let Thom Yorke of Radiohead say it for me because his old quote about relations with China and the destruction of Tibet basically says it all:

"Pure blind greed... is a justification for slave labour, genocide, environmental and spiritual destruction. Everyone wants their cheap sneakers and bloody stupid keyrings and plasticware above all else, and is happy to leave China unchecked, happy to condone their blatant violation of human rights."

Well put Thom. Saved me a paragraph of ranting. And, besides, a whole lot more people are listening to you than me, so please keep it up. Just don't say it near the White House or you'll get arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct" and could face - I'm serious here - additional federal charges of "intimidating a pubic official". Yeah, that's right, heckling's a serious crime now.

And in case anyone thinks Thom may be a bit off track, just check your local newspaper. After a bit of lip service to that old "human rights" thing in order to satisfy those annoying people who just won't shut up about such things (due to their failure to realize that "It's the New China and, hey, human rights is so, like, 1980s!"), Bush then got into what really matters, which is, of course, the floating of the Chinese yuan and the lowering of the U.S. trade deficit with China. Now we're talkin' some important stuff! Obviously China is a huge country of major importance and power, but does Bush - and just about everyone else - really need to suck up to the leader of the world's biggest dictatorship so blatantly... and cheerfully?

And did anyone else see the irony in Hu sharing fine wines and a 5-star meal at the $100 million home of the world's richest capitalist yesterday as he stopped in to see Bill Gates on his way to Washington? Maybe it was just me? And don't even think of getting me started on how Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are all helping the Chinese government censor the internet in China or, especially, how Yahoo turned in that guy to the Chinese authorities for posting an article about democracy on the web. I believe he's now serving ten years in prison. Anything for profit! Way to go guys! I didn't think anyone was bothering anymore these days, but I guess somebody's still got to try and prove Karl Marx right. Right?

Now I've got to go contemplate ranting about that petty, ridiculous, self-important asshole of a man they call the King of Nepal and how he's having peaceful protesters shot dead for demanding a return to democracy that they say he had absolutely no right or justification to take away last year. Silly people, don't they know he's a God King, and God Kings by definition can't be wrong. His seizing of absolute power, of course, only swelled the ranks of the Maoist insurgency, which any fool could have predicted happening. Bozo The God King!

If he had been a bit smarter he would have just set up a few shoe and underwear factories and shipped everything to America real real cheap. Then Bush would have come rushing to his defense. And maybe he would have even given all those Nepali protesters a good ol' fashioned sneer/look of disgust like the one he gave that woman today. They are, after all, breaking the law, as all public meetings and demonstrations have been outlawed by Bozo. And lawbreakers, like those who heckle the Great President Hu when he's nice enough to make a side trip to Washington D.C. after finishing up his important business with Mr. Gates and company, should be punished too damn it! Oh, and, by the way, that's right, Bozo's army - the one shooting the unarmed protesters - actually is already heavily armed by the Americans. I almost forgot.

One last thing, party at our place when Bozo The God King is overthrown. Hopefully see you all really soon. And let's all hear it for Dr Wang Wenyi, for she is the woman who spoke some truth while Bush was gushing over his good buddy Hu. Now there's someone to look up to. You gotta love Dr Wang!

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Thursday, April 20th, 2006