Biggest Dicks of The Decade: 2000-2009

One thing I think everyone can agree on is the fact that this past decade has had more than its fair share of dicks. While almost everyone can agree on the dickishness of certain slimy characters out there, certain others inexplicably have their passionate defenders.

To my mind, however, over the past ten years quintessential dickishness has been defined by a select few.

So here it is, my list of the Biggest Dicks of The Decade:

#10. The Bankers at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, etc
First they nearly bring down the world financial system through their greed and short-term lust for profit, selling worthless bundled derivatives and their like. Then, after taking a trillion dollar bailout, they go straight back to their old reckless ways and, just to rub it in, start handing out hundreds of billions of dollars in bonuses to employees who wouldn't even have jobs if it weren't for the taxpayers saving their institutions from complete collapse a few months earlier. Capitalism taken to its logical, unregulated extreme. And let's not forget all the mindless deregulating politicians and, of course, Ayn Rand disciple and Mr. Housing Bubble himself, Alan Greenspan, the once mighty head of the Fed. Dicks!

#9. Ahmadinejad and the Conservative Mullahs of Iran
Rolling back the democratic and social reforms of his predecessor, fixing elections, labeling the Holocaust a sham, and sending out thugs to beat up, arrest, torture and even kill peaceful protestors and opposition supporters, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his supporters in the conservative theocracy have enough blood on their hands to make it onto anyone's list. Dicks!

#8. Robert Mugabe
This is a no brainer. For destroying a once prosperous country and for turning the breadbasket of southern Africa into a nation of famine and poverty that can only survive with massive food aid from abroad - all the while unleashing a reign of terror against his opponents in an attempt to cling to power at all costs - this guy defines and even radiates the term dick. Read more about this buffoon here: A Delusional Dictatorial Demagogue: The Mugabe (and Mbeki) Rant. Dick!

#7. The Israeli Government
The governments of Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, and Benjamin Netanyahu, for their continued oppression of the Palestinian people; for the war on the people of Lebanon and the war on the people of Gaza, both featuring mass, disproportionate killings of civilians and horrific destruction. Then there's the continuing embargo on Gaza, leaving the people there living not just in the world's largest prison camp but also in a land of hopeless poverty and mounds of rubble. And let's not forget the Apartheid Wall through the West Bank and the never-ending and completely illegal appropriation of Palestinian land to build more and more Israeli settlements throughout the West Bank.

It's always fun to listen to Israel's knee-jerk defenders explain why all of this oppression and land stealing is not just ok, but is actually the Palestinians own fault. But the truth remains that this is one of the last bastions of outright brutal colonialism in the world. There are others too, of course, but Israel's constant refrain that it is the most civilized nation in the Middle East makes it a worthy member of this list on the grounds of flagrant hypocrisy alone. Dicks!

#6. Canadians
Yes, Canadians. It may shock some to see the famously nice, friendly and polite people of Canada making their first ever appearance on a Dicks of The Decade list, but this, I assure you, is a well-earned honor.

And we're not just talking about the country's leaders here; no, we're talking about most of the population.

Why exactly?

Well, for our complacency and complicity in becoming the world's worst environmental degraders.

For accepting, with a seeming shrug of the shoulders, the humiliating reality of being the world's worst per capita greenhouse gas polluters.

For allowing our country to become a laughing stock at the recent Copenhagen climate change conference, where we were mocked daily as a "fossil".

For accepting the idea that we can get richer and richer while harming the rest of the world and the rest of the world can just go screw themselves.

For not standing up to our government and demanding that the oil sands be drastically scaled back or, at the very least, slowed down.

For believing we somehow deserve the wealth of the oil sands no matter the damage it may cause - utilizing some sort of medieval divine right of kings mentality.

For buying into the idea that cutting back on the oil sands will cost jobs, as if jobs are the only consideration in life. Cutting back on the slave trade cost jobs too, of course, as did banning whaling, and doing away with the asbestos industry, and outlawing smoking for those under 18, and banning landmines, and... So many things have cost jobs over the years, but simply had to be done for the good of humanity and/or the good of the planet. This is no different. Some things just have to go, or at least be cut back significantly. The oil sands are clearly one of those.

Ok, so perhaps Canadians do indeed belong on this list, you say to yourself, but why so high up, above killers and megalomaniacs like Ahmadinejad and Mugabe?

Well, it's true that Canadians aren't exactly killers, but if the climate change forecasts are correct Canadians will, per capita, be the most guilty when it comes to pointing blame for catastrophic worldwide destruction and death in coming decades. But few seem to even care. Self-Absorbed Dicks!

#5. The Dictators of China
Marking their sixth straight appearance on this list in six straight decades. A new record! That's six straight decades in a row of keeping the people down and keeping the Party going.

In order to justify their continued repression and dictatorship the Party argues that economic growth justifies anything and everything. As most of the world continues to suck up to them in the name of better trade relations, China's self-serving, luxury-life-living Communist overlords are becoming more and more easy to read. As they wholeheartedly embrace cutthroat capitalism and abandon any and all principals, other than Nationalism of course, it becomes clearer by the day that all these thugs really believe in is retaining power at all costs.

And when you consider their role in propping up petty dictators in places like North Korea, Burma and Sudan, oppressing the people of Tibet, and scuttling the Copenhagen climate change conference they probably should actually appear much higher on this list. Maoist Capitalist Oxymoronic Dicks!

#4. Kim Jong Mentally-il
Dear Leader does it again. Making the list for the second decade in a row.

As the North Korean people continue to suffer horrific poverty and famine, all more or less created by the People's Glorious Party of Democratic Socialism, Dickhead Kim lives in luxury in his 17 palaces watching foreign films, eating fine imported cuisine and, above all else, fighting for his son to be appointed his heir.

Think about it, a Communist monarchy. Three generations of the Kim family dictatorship. Grandpa was Great Leader, Dad is Dear Leader, so perhaps the son, who is now referred to as "The Brilliant Comrade" (really!), can be called Awesome Leader. Deluded Dicks!

#3. Omar al-Bashir
After spending the previous decade slaughtering the people of southern Sudan, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir (in power since 1989) turned his attention to Darfur. As the world has stood by and watched, al-Bashir has orchestrated a killing campaign and reign of terror which has seen millions displaced, tens of thousands systematically raped, and hundreds of thousands killed. The Janjaweed (themselves Dicks of note) do the actual killing and raping, but the campaign is clearly planned, organized and cheered on by al-Bashir from the capital, Khartoum. Genocidal Dick!

#2. Osama bin Laden
Indiscriminate killing in the name of God is hardly new or in any way something that this jackass has improved on, but as far as mass-murdering fundamentalist dicks go, few top this loser for sheer bloodlust. Cave-Hidin' Dick!

#1. Bush and Dick (George W. and Cheney)
And the Biggest Dicks of The Decade are: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Not really a very big surprise, is it? Who else caused as much chaos, death and destruction as these two massive dicks during the past decade?

Sure bin Laden and co. killed three thousand innocent people on 9/11, but that's nothing compared to the mass slaughter and destruction unleashed by Bush and and his Sidekick Dick in their completely illegal, unnecessary and unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq. Osama looks like an absolute petty amateur in comparison to these mass murderers.

And let's not forget Katrina; the Patriot Act; wiretapping Americans; the Guantanamo Bay gulag; extraordinary rendition; the torture of detainees, many of whom were guilty of absolutely nothing; a skyrocketing national debt; and the biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression; and oh so much more.

Whether Bush is indeed the Worst President In American History is perhaps still open to debate, but the fact that he and Cheney are The Biggest Dicks of The Decade is really beyond doubt.

Of course, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of the warmongering, neo-con team of hawks all deserve a mention too. As do all the members of Congress who went along for the ride.

Huge Dicks, every last one of them!

Honorable Mentions:

Joe Lieberman
U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman is not quite important enough to make this list, but he is, without question, a Dick of magnificent proportions. From backing the Iraq War wholeheartedly, to backing and campaigning for John McCain for President (even though Lieberman himself was supposedly a Democrat), to personally killing the public option in the Senate's healthcare reform bill, this one-time Democratic Vice Presidential candidate has time and time again proved himself worthy of at least getting a mention on this list. Incoherent Dick!

Religious Fundamentalists of Every Stripe
Freakin' fundamentalists have always been a pox on peace-loving societies throughout history, but during this past decade they have really come out of the woodwork to dominate world affairs. Whether we're talking about al-Qaeda, Ahmadinejad, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the almost-complete takeover of the Republican party in America by fundamentalist Christians, or the rise of hardcore religious wackos in both Israel and Gaza, fundamentalists have been wrecking havoc across the globe. Medieval-Minded Dicks!

Tony Blair

For selling his soul (and his nation down the river) for nothing more than a chance to be Bush's lapdog. For helping to sell the Iraq War using any means necessary. And for giving a giant finger to the people of the U.K., who were strongly against the war but whose opinion was dismissed as nothing more than a minor irritant on the road to Best Friends status with Tony's beloved buddy Bush. Pompous Dick!


The Mainstream Media

Those responsible for the buffoonery at FOXNews are obviously dicks of the first degree, but the fact is the entire mainstream media seemed to become a version of FOXNews for a few years there during the past decade.


Why exactly am I labeling the entire mainstream media a bunch of dicks? Well, here's the short list:


For mindlessly going along with the war propaganda that was spoon-fed to them by the Bush White House. For becoming cheerleaders for the so-called war on terror and the illegal invasion of Iraq. For completely abdicating their responsibility to seek out truth. And, almost just as bad, for becoming far more concerned with celebrity gossip than real news. Gullible, Spineless, Complicit Dicks!


For slowly dismantling democracy and a free press in Russia, Vladimir Putin. Vainglorious Dick!

For the ongoing oppression of the Burmese people and for keeping the Gandhi of Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, locked up for most of the past two decades, the thugs of the Burmese Junta. Eternal Dicks!

Karl Rove, for orchestrating the whole sordid Bush legacy. Master Dick!

Finally, one last thing, do you think that when Cheney's parents named him Dick they somehow knew he'd one day ooze the very essence of dickishness and even top a Biggest Dicks of The Decade list or was it just one of those little accidents of history?

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


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Many more comments on

You can read many more comments (over 30 in total) in response to this piece on the Georgia Straight's site here.

too many liars, crooks in Canada too

Many persons have expressed to me that they do not know who to trust or whom to give to now to help the poor and needy, etc., Major and minor Relief, non profitable religious organizations as well, rather corporations tend to provide very little actual verifiable details to the donors on how the donations are being spend, and actual spending are covered up, hidden, diverted as well.. Following the Asian tsunami of 2004, many donors were surprised to learn some larger aid groups couldn’t spend all the money it had raised, while smaller ones struggled to fund their projects. Much of the money earmarked for tsunami relief never made its way to victims of the disaster and was used for other projects instead. The Danish publication Ekstrabladet puts the total amount of money raised worldwide at approximately 75 billion kroner, the equivalent of 14.5 billion dollars.How then, is it possible that hundreds of tsunami victims are still homeless 5 years later?

Re: Mr. Dale (see his comment below: "Just so we share")

On the 13-1-10 I posted a comment to the Georgia Strait website in response to a comment posted by a Mr. Norman Dale, who in turn was responding to a piece written by Mr. Mike Cowie. My comment never received a reply. The comment can be found here:


I wrote:


Norman Dale writes: 'Hamas which encouraged the prolonged and provocative missile attacks which gave the Israelis justification for invasion'


The Israeli spokesman Mark Regev admitted that it was not Hamas who broke the ceasefire by the firing of rockets but other Palestinian factions. Hence, the Israeli position is being misrepresented by Mr. Dale. The admission by Mr. Regev can be found here:


Also: 'Egypt seems quite as interested as Israel is in containing the Gaza Palestinians'. This occurs because they are paid by America to do as they are told.


And: 'there are far fewer restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank' The regime there has been described as worse than apartheid in South Africa by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Mr. Dales commentary is akin to saying that because a man merely beats his wife to the extent that she no longer needs hospitalisation then it is acceptable. Maybe the blacks in South Africa should also have been grateful for their bantustans.


This is a very uninformed commentary. There is not a mention of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948, Israels 'original sin', which is at the heart of this conflict. Not a single historical reference, simply start the clock at the point of each retaliatory attack by Palestinians and then present Israels behaviour as a 'response'.


End of comment


It can be excruciatingly embarrassing when our position is undermined by the very people that we support. This is the only reason that I can think of for the lack of response by Mr. Dale, and moving instead to a safe haven to continue the lie that official Israel itself has discredited is highly suspect. In addition, if anyone wrote about Israeli Jews in the same rabid manner as Mr. Dale writes about the Palestinians they would be called anti-Semitic, and that would be fairly accurate.


Jack O'Neill

Regarding Mr. O'Neill

Like much of his response to my comment, Mr. O'Neill's his closing inference about why I did not respond to him directly, to wit, that I am embarrassed by being contradicted by what he sees as a contradictory statement by Mark Regev, makes inaccurate assumptions. I did not respond because I did not, for whatever reason see the first rebuttal.


I was aware of Regev's commentary but would remind Mr O'Neill that Hamas purports to govern Gaza and is therefore responsible for the actions of "other factions" which, until the Israelis invaded, continued their barrage uninhibited. I would suggest that if a Canadian faction was firing missiles across the border at the USA for a protracted period of time, the Americans might legitimately hold our government accountable. If we could not or would not put a stop to it, I think we can both imagine the consequences from the American side.


Regarding Desmond Tutu, I do not recall that he lived in Gaza for very long before holding forth on the situation being worse than apartheid. Like many foreign observers he buzzed in for a quickie, was toured about by Palestinian hosts and came away with a predictably one-sided view.


Likewise one sided, is Mr. O'Neill's potted and occluded history of the region in which he mentions Israeli atrocities but neglects the countervailing contribution of Palestinians and their allies to evoking hostility from the then new State of Israel. The world, especially that part of the world, is more complex than Mr. O'Neill appears to grasp.


In closing, be assured Mr. O'Neill that I would never intentionally disregard an opposing viewpoint even if there was one based on a deeper and more balanced perspective than you have. I am glad you have now found my blog and look forward to your revisiting at any time you wish. Virtual coffee is always on.

Regarding Mr. Dale, Israel, Palestine, Hamas, etc.

Mr. Dale originally claimed that Hamas was responsible for“encouraging its primitive but vicious operatives to provoke their powerful neighbour”. In his response to this being undermined by an official Israeli spokesperson, Mr. Dale then claimed that “Hamas purports to govern Gaza and is therefore responsible for the actions of "other factions" which, until the Israelis invaded, continued their barrage uninhibited”. The first charge was that Hamas were responsible, the second charge is that they were responsible for those who were responsible. Dabbling in semantics does not cloud the fact that these are two related but different charges. Accordingly, and conscious or otherwise, changing the equation is merely a tactic of obfuscation.


For a person who appears to believe in democracy, the corrupt aging dictatorship of Egypt is referred to in benign terms: 'Egypt seems quite as interested as Israel is in containing the Gaza Palestinians'. By way of introducing the complexities of geo-politics, it was pointed out to Mr. Dale that “this occurs because they are paid by America to do as they are told”. Thus, Egypt has a vested interest in the status quo. It is somewhat ironic then to state that “The world, especially that part of the world, is more complex than Mr. O'Neill appears to grasp.” Either way, suspiciously there was no response to this issue.


Mr. Dale also writes that “Regarding Desmond Tutu, I do not recall that he lived in Gaza for very long before holding forth on the situation being worse than apartheid”. This implies that the criteria for legitimate criticism is a qualitative one. Yet, we are not informed as to how many times, or for how long, Mr. Dale has lived in Gaza or what is left of Palestine. If it is less time than Desmond Tutu, then by his own criteria his position is invalid. If it is more, then his position is valid. However, this criteria is not accepted by any academic institution, media, or court of law. (ie. you must have lived in a country before you are entitled to legitimate criticism). Either way, this was another example of changing the equation, as the original claim was based on how “there are far fewer restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank”. However, and in order to make a more valid observation, qualitative criteria also needs to be introduced. Desmond Tutu has been writing in media and peer reviewed books and journals on apartheid for decades, including apartheid in Israel-Palestine. Yet again, we are not informed by Mr. Dale as to what his own qualitative criteria consists of.


The best sources for the events of 1948 have been written by the Israeli “New Historians”. Ilan Pappe, Avi Shlaim, Benny Morris and Tom Segev, and a growing number of other Israeli academics. What the above four all agree upon is that the rapes, massacres, demolition of over 400 Palestinian towns and villages, carried out so that the refugees would have no homes to return to, were predominantly carried out before the declaration of Israeli independence on the 15th of May 1948. Morrris goes as far to say that the only fault with this was that it was not compete because roughly 100,000 managed to avoid being ethnically cleansed. Morris also writes that “From April 1948, Ben-Gurion is projecting a message of transfer. There is no explicit order of his in writing, there is no orderly comprehensive policy, but there is an atmosphere of [population] transfer. The transfer idea is in the air. The entire leadership understands that this is the idea. The officer corps understands what is required of them. Under Ben-Gurion, a consensus of transfer is created."


The article by Morris can be accessed here: "Survival of the fittest"


This puts into context that Israel was attacked by neighbouring states so as to stop the ethnic cleansing and because thousands of refugees were fleeing into their territories. It also undermines the charge that people neglect “the countervailing contribution of Palestinians and their allies to evoking hostility from the then new State of Israel”. The myth of being attacked by “five Arab armies”was also put into context by Pappe. As shown by Pappe, the total number of Arab combatants were; Egypt 10,000, Syria 3,000, Iraq 3,000, Lebanon 1,000. Including 7,400 men from the Arab legion of Transjordan and 200 Arab volunteers, they almost equalled in number the Jewish forces. So for Pappe, this propaganda claim, “gives a somewhat misleading portrayal of the actual situation” 1 (The making of the Arab-Israeli conflict 1947-1951. London: I.B. Tauris and co, 2000. p. 111).


Regarding the roughly 1.2 million Palestinians who live in Israel today, they could have avoided having to live under apartheid had they also ran away so that Israel could have stolen their land and created an 'ethnically pure” state (it is scientifically impossible for all Jews to be the same ethnicity, considering that they hail from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, East and West Europe, Latin America, China, India, and many more countries). In Israel, over 90 per cent of the land is reserved in law for Jews and Jews only. You are not allowed to live on this land if you are not Jewish. If such treatment were to happen in Germany today, the law makers would be called Nazis. And, more importantly, why non-Jews would choose to support a policy that would equally discriminate against them if they were to live there should fascinate us.


Mr. Dale's position has been proven incorrect by Jewish Israelis, Zionist, non-Zionist, and anti-Zionist alike, including official Israeli spokespeople. To repeat, then, “It can be excruciatingly embarrassing when our position is undermined by the very people that we support”. And the charge still stands that “if anyone wrote about Israeli Jews in the same rabid manner as Mr. Dale writes about the Palestinians they would be called anti-Semitic, and that would be fairly accurate”.


Throughout Mr. Dales commentary there is a tone of conceit, arrogance, and condensation towards Mr. Cowie. (ie. referring to him as 'Mikey'). The intellectual sneering is enough to make one politely decline the offer to further debate.


I trust this puts the matter to rest.


Jack O'Neill

Just so we share (re Big Dicks)

Hi Mike, I thought it would be neglectful of me not to post my response to your "big dicks" effort here, as well as at the article's other venue on the Georgia Strait site. I shall be more concise and say only that including the Government of Israel" but not even honourably mentioning Hamas is to do that terrorist organization qua government a disservice. You do speak of fundamentalist wackos in Gaza but, of course as I hope you know Islamic fundamentalism is not a strong motivator for the organization. Driving the Jews into the sea is the espoused objective and cuts across all degrees of Muslim radicalism in the strip. Ah, togetherness! I shall leave off only repeating that Hamas precipitated the Gaza brutality, paying no heed to ample warnings from Israel with the continued shelling of Israeli communities through to the time of the 2008 invasion. My old farmer uncle used to say, "If you play with the bull, you get the horn." Is it kosher (excuse the expression) for me to say that on my own blog I have "paid tribute" to your "big dicks" sentiments ( ? It would be right neighbourly if you go there and harass me back, oh fellow ranter.

A response

Hey Norman

As I wrote on your site:


I'm not going to get into a back and forth about Israel with you because it'll never go anywhere. I just want to say that I always find it amazing that people like yourself who stand up for justice and against oppression in every spot around the globe can somehow turn a blind eye to Israel's brutal decades-old oppression of the Palestinian people.


The Tibetans, the blacks of South Africa under apartheid, the Natives of Canada (and of all the Americas), the people of Darfur, etc. etc. - all these people deserve justice, but not the Palestinians.


Oh and by the way, Israel is not "the only democracy in the Middle East" as Turkey is, of course, a democracy and is part of the Middle East.


And in regards to your final point in your new post on your site ("So much more comfy to point fingers across the sea than to come to terms with the extent to which Cowie like most Lotuslanders, sings praise for living in a 'paradise' invaded and then stolen from the original inhabitants"), let me just say that I fully understand the horrific legacy of this country's treatment of its Native inhabitants. In fact, I placed it at #2 on my list of The Top 10 Things To Hate About Canada


I also wrote about it, in part, here: Finally An Apology: The Canadian Native Residential Schools Rant



Mike Cowie

On Not Going Back and Forth

And as I replied on mine, it's cute when someone says they are not going to continue an argument which they (quite rightly) realize is not going to be settled, but then throw in a few last arguable points. I'll just leave it that you are making quite an assumption about me turning a blind eye to the Palestinians. There is a huge leap from feeling that Hamas is "big dick-worthy" (my original contention) and having such an allegedly blind eye. I don't but I also am not one to see the conflict in the Middle east as simply "bad Israel" "good Palestinians." Both sides - with many notable exceptions, of course - have behaved abominably, neatly avoiding possible paths to peace on numerous occasions over a very long history.


In regards to First Nations, sorry but mixing in that concern in such a dog's breakfast article that bitches about Celine Dion (whom I don't like either) and Her Majesty (whom I do ) and kudos for Canadian beer, doesn't establish overwhelming consciousness on the issue. I hope you don't really believe you "fully understand the horrific legacy of this country's treatment of its Native inhabitants" - I don't and I have been working for and writing about First Nations for over 20 years! That has been long enough to see through such tokenism as Harper's apology, the vacuousness of which was more recently seen when he denied that Canada ever had colonialism. You call that bit of a theater a "great day for Canada"?! I guess maybe it is if you're on the "winning" side of colonialism. It's like the a-hole's performance at the National Arts Centre, a smug well-orchestrated pseudo-camaraderie after having financially gutted the arts. Ah, but I digress. Keep reading me, man, and I will you!


P.S. Apologies to Turkey re "only democracy" -- but only if they'll apologize about the Armenians!

Better future...?

Well put Mike! Too many dicks in this world....(>_<)


Are you libtards going to keep on blaming Bush for everything for another year or can we all move on with things?

I know...

I know, I know, and didn't it just drive you nuts when people kept talking about Hitler in 1946, as if he was somehow responsible for things that had happened waaaaaay back in 1945 and earlier. I'm with you, man! I just don't get why other people can't see it. And how about those idiots who kept talking about Osama bin Laden in 2002 and beyond. Talk about nimrods! Can't we all just move on?


And besides, don't people get it, everything's Obama's fault!



All male chauvinists

Interesting to read the international list of male chauvinists who dominate our world and fail to nurture or care for either people or the planet. Anonymous

Canadian , what is that

Ah, the Apathetic Canadian, a strange creature indeed! I have encountered the beast many times in my travels . They tend to go about their business not noticing the world around them ,in their quest for more of everything, food ,cars ,clothes,and MONEY. They get pissed only when they are tapped for a dollar more. The Environment? Justice? Poverty? The Homeless? Surely to God someone else can take care of that can't they? What the Hell is the Government for?Somehow the creatures really don't think it is their responsibility, and any way, they have to take little Johnny to his Hockey practice, for Heavens sake. We, as a society have adopted a Brother, Big Brother. On his shoulders we heap all the blame, to his hand we reach for all solutions and relief .We are collectively spineless and flavorless. WE SUCK. I have no answer, no excuse. Is it too late? Have we been lulled to sleep by over excess , in every area, been duped and lied to too often? I think yes, and I THINK less.I used to think a Revolution would come, but now I think Canadians are too fat, too spoiled , and too lazy to get off the couch. I think we need a new Anthem, ours is so meaningless.