The Scotland Rant

Now here's something that even the Taliban might find extreme, unjust, ridiculous and barbaric. The government of Scotland has proposed a law to jail the parents of juvenile offenders/criminals. The kid steals a car - throw the mom in jail! The kid gets into a fight and stabs someone - send dad to prison! Make the bastard pay! If mom has died or run off, well then throw grandma in jail! What the hell? Someone's got to pay for junior's bad behavior.

Making parents pay financially to repair any damage caused by their kids is understandable, but throwing them in jail? Come on! I seriously thought it had to be a joke when I first saw it in the paper.

I think Scotland, for some strange reason, wants to join the Axis of Morons. A group led by the U.S., China and Pakistan. Without a doubt Pakistan is Axis Leader Extraordinaire with their brilliant jailing of women for being raped. Yes, for being raped! This is not a joke. Pakistan's jails are full of women who are there for the simple crime of being raped. Check it out if you don't believe me. To be raped is to commit the hideous crime of "fornication" or "adultery" and under Sharia (Islamic) Law a woman must have male witnesses to back up her "claim" that it was actually rape. No witnesses? Then lock her up for years. It was her fault for "tempting him" anyway, I suppose, so no harm done, right?

China is another enthusiastic member of the Axis with their big mass trials of over 100 "criminals" at a time. Result: the death penalty for 80, life in prison for 18 and, just to prove that China's justice system (yes, that IS an oxymoron) really does work, 2 get to go home free. 100 tried together - many without lawyers or, occasionally, all with just one lawyer between them. An appeal to avert any miscarriages of justice? No chance! Executions begin immediately after the trial. Bullet to the back of the head. How do we really know all 98 were really guilty, you ask? Well, what exactly do you mean by that? The People's Court of Justice has never been wrong! Anyhow, they deserve to die, stealing those cars and all.

Then we've got the U.S. - Leader of The Free (To Do Whatever They Please) World, but in this case simply one of 3 leaders of The Mighty Axis of Injustice - locking up 13-year olds for "life with no chance of parole" (at least if they're black) and executing the mentally handicapped (at least if they're black). But, hey, it's The Greatest Nation On Earth and God's Country so that must be the just, right and fair way of doing things.

Now if Scotland can just get its shit together and get that legislation passed, then they can start throwing some of those parents into prison to serve the hard time that they so rightly deserve. Then they just might be able to get into the Axis after all.

And I just might change my (Scottish) last name!

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Saturday, September 27th, 2003