Politics: Canada


Canada: Top Ten Things To Love and Hate

The top ten reasons why we here in The Great White North should be both proud and ashamed of being Canadian.

The Nonsensical Nationalism Rant: A Nation Built On Zed

Some Canadians, it seems, can only find their sense of national identity through such things as how to spell the word "centre" and how to pronounce the letter "Z". There's got to be something more distinct and special about Canada than this.

The Canadian Media Rant: Trashing Heather and Naomi While Still Lovin' Brian

A rant about the corporate-owned, right-wing media here in Canada and its complete failure to reflect the ideas and values of the progressive majority in this country.

Thank You Quebec: The Canadian Election Rant (Part 3)

Election Night 2008: I was going to go on and on about what a disaster this election result is for Canada, but then I decided to just say thank you instead.

What Canadians Need: The Canadian Election Rant (Part 2)

A rant about the broken Canadian democratic system, a "democracy" where 38-40% of the vote can get you a majority in parliament and absolute power. Some solutions offered.

What Canadians Want: The Canadian Election Rant (Part 1)

You call this democracy! A rant about the possibility of the Conservatives winning a majority in the 2008 fall election, even though 60-plus percent of Canadians say they'll vote for the four other far-more-progressive parties.

Izzy The Lizard, Israel, Palestine and The Canadian Propaganda Machine

A brief rant about the pro-Israel propaganda machine known as the CanWest Media Empire - publishers of numerous Canadian newspapers, such as The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province, and The National Post.

Canada The Callous and Cold: Get Omar Khadr Freed Now!

A rant about the horrific treatment of Canadian child soldier and Gitmo detainee Omar Khadr at the hands of the Americans... and the Canadian government's shameful complicity, and active involvement, in that treatment. Also about the large percentage of Canadians who shockingly, at least according to a new Angus Reid poll, want Khadr to stay locked up in the Guantanamo gulag.

Finally An Apology: The Canadian Native Residential Schools Rant

It was a pretty significant day for Canada, what with Prime Minister Harper's apology to the Native people of this country for the crimes of the horrific Residential Schools System. This may be one and only time you'll ever get a chance to see me enthusiastically praising Stephen Harper.

The CBC Rant: Avi Lewis and The Canadian Media In The Never-Ending Black Era of Conrad

A rant about the sinister, and now imprisoned, Conrad Black's continuing influence on the Canadian news media. An influence which, sadly, can even be seen at the once-great CBC. Also a plea for the return of Avi Lewis to Canadian television screens someday soon.

The Humiliation of Canada Rant: Harper, Bush and The Bathetic Bali Balk

A rant about our beloved Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and his crusade to destroy Canada's reputation on the world stage, a goal largely achieved at the just-concluded Bali Conference On Climate Change. Just the latest in a two-year-long campaign of destruction. Like a renegade Blues Brother or something, the guy's on a mission from his god, a god who resides in a big whitish-colored house to the south.

The Canadian Abandonment of Omar Khadr Rant

You obviously already know how f***ed up the American government has become under this Bush and Dick Regime, but perhaps you're not fully aware of just how f***ed the Canadian government has become.

Kafkaesque justice, Orwellian Doublespeak and, yes, even Zip a dee do da. This sordid tale has it all.

"Convict" Nelson Mandela Unwelcome In Canada? The Asinine Canadian Law Rant

As the policy now stands, Canada would turn back at the border Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and everyone ever jailed in the gulags of Stalin and Kim Jong Mentally-il. It seems we just don't want their kind around here.

The God Save The Queen Rant

How is it possible that in the 21st century Canada still has a feudal system of government with an unelected head of state who lives on the other side of the world?