Izzy The Lizard, Israel, Palestine and The Canadian Propaganda Machine

Below you'll find a link to a must-read article by Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray concerning the extremely biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by all CanWest-owned newspapers (such as The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province, The National Post, to name just three of CanWest's numerous papers across Canada).

The most telling thing in this whole article is the incredibly honest quote from CanWest founder, Israel "Izzy" Asper:

“In all our newspapers, including the National Post, we have a very pro-Israel position….We are the strongest supporter of Israel in Canada.”

The article goes on to state that:

A study released in 2006 by the Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada has quantified the shocking bias we perceived in CanWest news. The study found that during 2004, CanWest’s flagship National Post was 83.3 times more likely to report an Israeli child’s death than a Palestinian child’s death in its news articles’ headlines or first paragraphs.

In other words, the CanWest “news coverage” made it appear that Israeli kids were killed at a rate four times higher than Palestinian children during 2004 when, in fact, 22 Palestinian children were killed for every Israeli child that year, according to the Israeli human-rights group B’tselem. As a March 3, 2008, Post editorial noted, “in any war, it is the child casualties that attract the greatest sympathy and anguish.” According to the study, the Post’s reporting on this issue was at least 10 times more distorted than that in the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail.


So, for all you Canadians out there reading CanWest papers, if you're going to read admitted propaganda I think it's pretty important to at least know that it is, in fact, propaganda that you're reading.

Enjoy those morning papers! And remember, no matter how disproportionate the killing, how overwhelming the oppression, and how one-sided the suffering, the story must always remain:

Palestinians = Evil Terrorists
Israelis = Victims of Evil Terrorists

Imagine writing articles about how the savage American Indians caused untold suffering to the innocent white settlers who only came to civilize them and their land; or how the ruthless Poles tormented the peace-loving Germans of the early-1940s; or how the barbaric Iraqis continue to fight against those who've only come to liberate them; or, say, how the poor Chinese have suffered so much at the hands of the vicious Tibetans.

It's kinda like that.

Here's the link to the article:

"CanWest huffs and puffs while free speech burns"

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Saturday, July 19th, 2008



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Yawn, so? Canadians support Israel over the Talibanesqe Pals

Funny how some people have to rant and rave, even when there's nothing to say. The majority of Canadians support another democracy (despite it's warts and scars) over another Arab dictatorship. Are we supposed to jump up and down and be surprised? Some bloggers would have us blindly support the Palestinians at any and all costs, despite the fact that: -their administration is corrupt and embezzles billions of donated aid money -their society likes to kill the women-folk who the men-folk think are outta line -their society likes to kill Israeli civilians so much, that families of suicide bombers who kill entire families of men, women and children get cash rewards, and the bombers are idolized as heroes (and yea, you can get their posters for your wall). -the victims of Palestinian terror attacks have included Canadians, from kids to old folks. Canadians who happened to be in Israel and were on a bus, or in a restaurant, or just sitting on the beach have been mercilessly butchered by blood-thirsty Palestinians who NEVER apologize for killing innocent, unarmed Canadians. And, of course, these same ninkompoops who don't like pro-Israel press coverage also think it's just fine for Islamic terrorists to attack America anywhere and everywhere - like the World Trade Center. They forget to the fact that dozens of innocent Canadians were murdered there by people the Palestinians praise as heroes. I can only suggest that if ya love the Pals more than the Israelis, well, why not go live there for a while and do your blogging from there. You'll be free. You won't be bothered by CanWest, and you can support the free and independent Palestinian press while you're supporting their economy! Or maybe you'll quickly discover that Palestinian censorship makes CanWest looks like angels...

Reply to 'Yawn'

I see the writer of this comment did not include his name. This is suspect to begin with. Killing any innocent people is wrong, and this person seems vexed by it. Yet, no care was shown for the innocent victims of Israel who have also included Europeans,and a much higher death toll on the Palestinian side. Such phony morality. As for innocent people who are 'butchered by blood-thirsty Palestinians', if a European wrote in a similar manner about Jewish Israelis somebody would likely call them a Nazi, and they would probably be right. Never underestimate the power of denial. There was not a single piece of analysis, context or history included in this comment. Edward Said wrote an essay for people like this. It's called 'The Clash of Ignorance'. Jack O' Neill. Ireland

Apologists for oppression

As always - when it comes time for the oppressors and their apologists to rationalize the horrors being committed - those being oppressed are blamed. The oppressed, it is explained, are deserving of their plight due to the fact that they are uncivilized, backward and dangerous, if not outright savages. "They brought it on themselves". "We had no other choice". "What else could we do?" "Do you realize what sort of people we're talking about here?" or even "They're better off this way".


Whether it be the slaughter and oppression of the Native peoples of North and South America by the European invaders; the brutal subjugation of African Americans, particularly in the Southern States (after they were freed from the brutality of slavery); the Nazis' attempt to annihilate the Jews; apartheid in South Africa; or Israel's vicious treatment of the Palestinians, the victims, it would seem, all got exactly what they deserved... at least if apologists for brutal  subjugation are to be believed.