It's About Bloody Time: Canadian Support For Monarchy Drops Dramatically

Finally. Some great news.

It's been pretty hard being a Canadian of late.

Not only do we have a right-wing buffoon for a prime minister, but the progressive majority here in this country has been left with no attractive, electable alternative.

Then there's the fact that Canada is one of the world's worst environmental degraders, with the oil sands of Alberta becoming a bigger and bigger pox on the land with each passing day; a pox not only on the environmental landscape but also on our country's once stellar international reputation.

Furthermore, our justice system is a joke.


We've got bishops in charge of sex abuse compensation claims caught with graphic child porn.


And Celine Dion continues to record.

And, on top of all this misery, we still inexplicably have some foreign, overseas, in-bred family serving as this country's monarchy/head of state. A reality that becomes more and more pathetic as Canada moves further and further away from its distant colonial past.

But this is where the good news comes in. A new poll suggests that 60% of Canadians think that the monarchy is outdated and irrelevant to the modern world.

Well, what the hell took you so long, Canada? I mean, seriously, is anything more ridiculous than having some woman on the other side of the world as this country's head of state? It's nothing personal Queen Liz, but your institution is simply archaic. Archaic, asinine and absurd.

As I wrote in an earlier piece on this subject, The God Save The Queen Rant, the whole notion of a monarchy - that is, the whole notion of some people being born with a right to rule due to some ridiculous idea of superior blood lines or what have you - is not just out of step with modern day Canadian values, it's actually antithetical to everything Canada is supposed to stand for.

Those who say that it's all just tradition and that such symbolism means nothing are, to my mind, akin to those in the Deep South in the States who want to fly the Confederate flag over their state houses. Symbolism does, in fact, matter.

No Longer A British Nation

Besides, modern day Canada is no more a "British nation" than it is one that needs feudal European forms of governance.

Does anyone really think the majority of Canadians who now trace their roots to someplace other than Great Britain - places such as Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia, China, India, Haiti, Ukraine, North America (First Nations) and the Philippines, not to mention France - are really all that tied to this archaic British institution? Is it really supposed to make them feel Canadian?

There are actually people who claim that without the monarchy Canada would just be another American state, as if what makes Canada a distinct nation from the U.S. is nothing more than our antiquated and obsolete ties to the Queen and Chuck and Di and the boys. Seriously, anyone who really believes such nonsense should probably just move down to the States themselves because they have no idea what, in fact, makes Canada the wonderful nation that it is.

A Modern Nation

So, once again, it's great to see that the number of Canadians who are ready to say goodbye to the old gal (and her family) across the sea has become such a clear majority. Hopefully someday, someday very soon, Canada can finally become a fully independent nation with enough confidence and sense of self-respect to have its very own head of state.

Think about it, a head of state who actually lives right here in Canada.

Hell, not only could we have a Canadian for head of state, but - imagine this - we could also have someone who's actually accomplished something of some relevance with his or her life.

Sure, we may have much more pressing issues to deal with in this country - none more so than those hideous oil sands. However, I'd say that becoming a fully modern, self-reliant nation with it's own head of state is also, without a doubt, something that's long overdue and must finally be addressed.

It's time to cut the umbilical cord, Canada. It's time to finally move on and become a modern republic.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


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Long Live the Queen

A prime minister who is a "buffoon"? No "attractive, electable" alternative? Sounds like just the right time to NOT detach from the titular leadership of a real lady who has toughed it out for nearly 6 decades. Seriously, I cannot fathom why so much effort goes into these periodic outbursts of Canadian republicanism when there are so many more challenges we face in becoming a great nation, republic or not. Go look at Mikey's many more significant rant links above, for starters.

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