The Wright Stuff: The Jeremiah Wright Rave

Is it just me or is this whole Rev. Jeremiah Wright Scandal a bit of a farce? I mean, besides the fact that it's simply ridiculous to try and smear Obama with the words of his former pastor, the bigger issue, if you ask me, is that Wright is right. The man is telling it like it is. He may be saying some things that certain people don't want to hear, but, hell, I'd say that's a good thing. The man's not crazy. Nor is he the raving lunatic the media is trying to make him out to be. He's simply a guy speaking some truth.

Ok, ok, so obviously the whole "America-invented-the-AIDS-virus-to-kill-blacks" theory is more than just a little loony, but, the fact is, much of what this guy has to say is dead on, especially when it comes to America's treatment of African Americans throughout the country's history.

Then there's that other supposedly shocking stuff he's said about America committing terrorism overseas. Well, perhaps that's simply the truth? People don't like that word "terrorism" being used unless it's being directed at some evil, easily-despised enemy, but if mass slaughter of innocent people isn't terrorism, what is? And, god knows, America has certainly been involved in war and mass slaughter over the years, whether nuking hundreds of thousands of civilians in Japan, bombing just about every civilian city, town and village in Vietnam, or launching illegal invasions and occupations of countries like Iraq, with the resultant massive loss of civilian lives. Think about it, compared to shit like that, bin Laden is nothing but a wannabe nobody!!

It was Martin Luther King Jr., after all, who, speaking way back in 1967 about the Vietnam War, said that America is the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world today". And is it not still true today? America spends about as much on its military as the rest of the world combined!! America has launched dozens of overt and covert military invasions and "interventions" in countries around the world over the past five decades. Three million Vietnamese people died while America attempted to "free" them from themselves. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died so far in America's invasion and occupation there. I'd say MLK knew exactly what he was talking about... and so does this Rev. Wright guy.

Obviously, as someone who's hoping Obama will end up in the White House in a few short months, I have to admit that it would certainly have been a whole lot better if Wright could have just stayed quiet and out of the media spotlight until the election was over, but, to be fair, he's not speaking for the Obama Campaign, he's simply speaking for himself after he was attacked, defamed and ridiculed in the national media over and over again over a two-month period. Who wouldn't want to speak up in that case? Especially when one's a preacher, I'd imagine keeping quiet simply does not come easy.

But, that said, Wright's media blitz this past week has truly been terrible for Obama's campaign, especially when you consider the way the media has cut and edited his long speeches into 20-second sound bites featuring his dancing, his singing and some of his most inflammatory statements. They're even using slow-motion clips, with sinister voice-over, to try and demonize the guy.

Obviously, Obama has had to distance himself from Wright, for if he didn't he'd be risking scaring off all the conservative, rural and small-town white voters in the country, a group of voters he can't risk alienating if he wants to stand any real chance of winning the White House come November.

But, still, regardless of any damage he may have done to Obama's campaign, and excepting his wacky AIDS theory, this Rev. Wright has mainly just been speaking some truth - about American actions overseas, about how the American government has never apologized for slavery, etc., etc. - and everyone certainly has a right to do that.

And, speaking of slavery, how is it that America has a grand Holocaust Museum, but lacks one dedicated to it's own horrific history of Slavery and its aftermath? Funny, isn't it?

I'm not the church-going type myself, but, if I were, you better believe I'd be happy to have a preacher who was even half as passionate, fun, entertaining and totally committed to social justice as this Jeremiah guy.

So, forget about what you've heard from your local newscaster and all the right-wing pundits out there and check out some of Jeremiah's sermons yourself. I mean, contrary to what you've probably been led to believe, even the sound bites, for the most part, aren't really all that damning. And when you see and hear what he's saying in proper context, a lot of it is not only quite reasonable, it's indisputably true.

So wake up people and see the light
It don't matter if you've black, brown, red, yellow or white
A man's speaking The Truth with all his might
His name's Rev. Wright, and he's out of sight!

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Friday, May 2nd, 2008


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Rev. Wright

Hey Mike, For some of us Americans, the Rev. didn't go far enough. I don't buy the AIDS paranoia, but his POV is as American as George Bush's, if not more so. The whole thing is a diversion, and an attempted smear of Obama, for voters who believe that CNN is "the most trusted name in news" (trusted by whom? and for what?). Fox News, of course, is fear-and-innuendo mongering, as usual. btw, when America kills thousands of civilians, it's "collateral damage." When other countries do it, it's terrorism. Sorry 'bout that. David