The Obama Rave or The Audacity Of Hoping For The Obvious Choice

It's been a pretty inspiring few days this past week or so, what with Barack Obama wrapping up the nomination for the Democratic Party and all. And then Hillary Clinton finally - four days after it was over and in probably the best speech of her entire campaign - conceding defeat and vowing to do everything she can to help Obama win the White House. Hers, like Obama's, has been a historic and inspirational run and hopefully someday soon we'll see a woman as president. Just not this time. This time the more inspirational candidate won.

Like me, from time to time you may have heard certain people trying to claim that it doesn't really make any difference who the president is and that nothing will ever change, but I'd hope that after all these years of enduring this train wreck known as the Bush and Dick Administration such views are only held by the deranged, the deluded and the ultra-cynical.

It's true that, no matter who's elected, some things will probably never change, at least not in all the ways hoped for, but what's absolutely certain is that with the wrong person in power things can sure as hell get a whole lot worse. If we learned anything over the past 7 and a half years it's got to be this.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not so naive as to think that the election of any one person is going to suddenly change everything in Washington, throughout the country and around the globe, but... things can definitely get much, much better.

And I'd say Obama, once elected, actually has the potential to really shake things up and bring about some real substantial change. Being an outsider who has run on a platform of "Change! Change! Change!" I think that once in power he can immediately start working to implement a whole series of new policies and ideas, at least if he wins big in November and earns the mandate. Reagan did it, Dubya did it (even if he didn't earn the mandate), here in Canada Mulroney did it and over in Britain Margaret Thatcher did it. In other words, the Right has no trouble coming to town and shaking things up (and making things worse all around). So, I'd say it's about time for someone to come into power and stir up some shit and make some changes for the better for once. And that person could definitely be Obama. It sure the hell ain't John McCain! But, like I said, Obama will need to win big in order to claim a mandate for real change.

I think he can do it though. Even Rupert Murdoch (owner of FOX News) is predicting an Obama landslide. I mean, with an opponent as uninspiring as John McCain, it shouldn't be all that difficult, right? Obama's got the youth, he's got the passion, he's most certainly got the oratory skills and the charisma... and he's running against someone who is basically planning to stay the course, both economically and Iraq War-wise, with the dreaded disaster known as Dubya. How could it not be a landslide?

Policy-wise, I'd rather have seen Dennis Kucinich win the nomination, but someone like Kucinich would stand absolutely no chance of winning the election, since America today is far too conservative of a country to ever elect anyone with such sensible policies. Likewise, Ralph Nader would also have been a great choice. But, when it comes to someone who is actually electable, Obama is about as great as they come. And, besides, he's clearly far more inspiring than either Kucinich or Nader.

It was sad, however, to see Obama pandering to AIPAC (the rabid pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian lobby) last Wednesday, the day after he'd wrapped up the nomination. But, that disturbing speech notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure he'll still be much fairer to the Palestinians than the current administration's completely one-sided stance. How could he not be?

Anyhow, regarding that speech to AIPAC, the simple reality is that in America if you have AIPAC against you (or the NRA, for that matter) you're not going to have any real chance of winning. Once they start pouring their vast resources into defeating you, you're pretty well finished. So I guess he did what he had to do if he wants to be president. A sad reality. Regardless of all that, however, he still seems like the best chance in ages for a non-right-wing administration dedicated to positive, progressive change.

Setting aside that one troubling aspect of his campaign, Obama truly is an inspiring candidate... and person. Of course there's the obvious fact that he's black in a country that only a few short decades ago treated its black citizens savagely. There's simply no denying how exhilarating that fact is and how unfathomable the success of his campaign would have seemed just a few short years ago.

But, it's not just his race and background of course, the man's also incredibly inspiring for the way he's run such a positive campaign, even in the face of the Clinton campaign's increasingly negative attacks. Then, as I've been saying, there's the possibility he offers for real change, not just at home in America, but in the country's policies overseas as well. But, more than anything else, just listening to him speak is truly uplifting and awe-inspiring. Anyone, who missed his victory speech last Tuesday night after he had wrapped up the nomination should definitely check it out here. If you don't have the time to watch the whole thing, at least check out the final five minutes or so. Man, can the guy ever speak!

If someone this great, this inspirational and this damn $%&*ing good at campaigning, raising money, bringing out voters, and bringing the house down with amazing speeches - the likes of which haven't been heard since the days of MLK - if a man this great can't easily beat someone like John McCain then I'd say America's probably so far gone it's beyond hope.

But, being the hopeful guy that I am, I'm predicting Americans have had enough of the insanity of Republican Rule and aren't, in fact, blind to the clear and obvious choice being offered to them this November. Yes, you read it here first, or at least tenth: Obama's going to win in a landslide.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Monday, June 9th, 2008


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