The Lovefest Continues: Sarah Palin on Africa, NAFTA and more

Seemingly intent on proving every last word of my recent rant (Fear and Loathing in The Heartland: Republicans' Lovefest With Ignorance) to be true and factual, senior aides to John McCain have been leaking details about Sarah Palin and, man, are they ever doozies! If these reports are true, she's somehow even worse than she seemed in those Katie Couric interviews.

I must say, I fully appreciate these McCain aides backing up my theory about Republicans being completely infatuated, if not downright in love, with stupidity. However, I'm still a little confused by their motives.

Another Run?

In showing us that he was an absolute fool to choose Palin, are these aides attempting to establish McCain's complete lack of intellect in order to lay the groundwork for another run at the White House in 2012? Or, and this would be radical, is their some actual soul searching going on here that includes a realization that perhaps "I'm With Stupid" may no longer be the best electoral strategy after 8 years of Dubya?

Either way, stories are all over the media today - stories coming directly from the McCain camp - that Palin did not, in fact, realize that Africa was a continent and that she had no idea which countries belonged to NAFTA.

Now, knowing that Canada, Mexico and the United States are, indeed, the three countries that make up NAFTA could stump many a student from the Ronald Reagan/George W. Bush School of Politics, but I'm going to go way out on a limb here and guess that by the time they ran for elected office even Reagan and Bush had some sort of idea that Africa was not, in fact, one big country.

Old-School Like Ike and Abe

Folksy, simplistic ignorance may have worked well in winning power for people like Reagan and Bush in the past, but perhaps the Republicans should now consider burying that whole approach and going back to the days of somewhat wise leaders like Abraham Lincoln, or even Dwight Eisenhower.

But, of course, in the minds of modern-day Republicans someone like Eisenhower would be considered an unrepentant liberal, or even a socialist for his warnings about the "military-industrial complex". Worse, he'd most likely be accused of "pallin' around with Communists" for all his meetings with Stalin during WWII. And, who knows, he may even, if he were alive today, be tagged an "elite" for having worked his way up to the top of the U.S. military and all.

Palin in 2012

Nah, a lefty like that just wouldn't do. Looks like they'll have to go with Palin in 2012 after all. Because, to be fair, when it comes to looking down with contempt on, y'know, all that liberal elite stuff like science and knowledge, she's really at the top of her class.

If they do rally around her, or anyone else from the far right of their party, that'll be a beautiful gift for all those of us who hope they remain in the political wilderness for years to come.

What could be better than Palin vs. Obama in 2012? Well, at least for all those hoping for an easy re-election for Barack.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Thursday, November 6th, 2008


Postscript (November 7th) New statement out today from another McCain aide. According to this aide, who was involved in preparing Palin for the vice presidential debate, Palin "had not paid attention to a single policy debate that's gone on in this country for 10 years."

But, to be fair, that didn't stop Dubya from serving as president for the past 8 years.



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I am so sick of hearing about this person! Campbell Brown , CNN , will probably be her campaign manager in 2012 ! The economy is in the tank, people are starving, living on the streets, and all they talk about is this twit ? Can we please raise the discussion just a little bit? She has had her hour of fame (?) Hopefully, she could go hunting with Dick Cheney ,or go on patrol with her x-brother-in law.