Bush, The Veto and The Little People: The WPE Rant

Would you go after children, I mean really go after them in a vicious heartless sort of way, just to win a campaign? Because that's exactly what Bush has just done. As you're probably already well aware by now, Bush, for some years now, has been running an aggressive, some would say ruthless, campaign for the title of Worst President Ever (WPE). It's true, sometimes he does blow it by showing tiny amounts of concern or even regret - no, regret is too strong a word - about the nearly-4000 dead American soldiers in Iraq, but no one can deny that he's mastered the whole aura of indifference when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead and the destruction of their country. And, really, you have to admit he's run a brilliant campaign when you consider not only the debacle in Iraq, but also other things such as Katrina, the American gulag at Guantanamo Bay, his passionate defense of torture, his massive budget deficits, etc, etc. But going after poor sick kids like he's doing now, well that's truly a masterstroke. I really don't see how he could possibly lose after this.

But come to think of it, when you're striving for Worst, I mean, all-time Worst Ever President WHY NOT go after the children?! What better way to secure your place in history? And, like that old song goes, Bush may not know much, but he knows how to be a dick, and that may be all he needs to know.

It's a lofty goal, becoming WPE, and what better way to get there than to show your total disdain for children. Better yet, poor children. Poor American children. I mean, he's not a COMPLETE idiot. He knows what he's doing here.

After all, we're not talking about Insignificant Other kids here, like all those dying in Iraq. No, we're talking about REAL kids, kids that'll someday grow up to vote in opinion polls for WPE. And those are votes he's going to need to secure his legacy down the road. You can't just have older people considering you the worst disaster the country has ever seen. No, for a true legacy you need to get the wee ones despising you as well:

"Mommy tell me again why little sister Sally had to die such a pointless and painful death?"

"Well, son, that's just President Bush securing his place in history".

Perhaps some of you may have missed the latest move by Bush The Buffoon earlier this week and, therefore, aren't exactly sure what the hell I'm talking about here. Well, to quickly fill you in, a couple of days ago Bush vetoed legislation passed by large majorities in both the Senate and Congress, legislation that would have expanded health coverage to a few million (but not all) uninsured American kids.

It was only his fourth veto ever, so we're clearly not talking about a man who takes his veto responsibilities lightly. Obviously this is someone who only vetoes the things he most strongly opposes... such as covering children with medical insurance.

The jackass, who sees no problem spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a meaningless and pointless war, scoffs at spending $35 billion over 5 years to cover millions of uninsured American kids. He says it's too expensive and that a maximum of $5 billion should be spent. Talk about priorities. Talk about a dark-souled individual. Talk about a dick! Born into a wealthy family, never having to work hard at anything in his life, this doofus despises the poor and shows absolutely no concern for those suffering under a broken and immoral system.

Screw the uninsured kids, this is a matter of free market principles. Nothing can impede the profit motive for doctors and the whole health care system, not even suffering, not even unnecessarily dead kids. Way to go bozo. You rock! Even many in your own party could see the need for this legislation. And we must remember that this isn't a total fix by any stretch of the imagination. It's just a piecemeal patch to a horribly screwed-up system that leaves 45-50 million Americans without any insurance whatsoever. This Bush guy is like a hard-line Communist in East Germany back in '89 defending an indefensible system on "principle" right to the bitter end.

Again, this isn't a partisan issue, this is just Bush being a scumbag. In poll after poll the vast majority of Americans, and even a majority of Republicans, supported this bill, as did many Republican Senators and Congressmen.

In the end I'm sure they'll "compromise" and pass a bill that covers some of the kids while letting others continue to fend for themselves... and Bush will walk away with that damn WPE title just like he always planned. You gotta hand it to him. He's really run a brilliant campaign.

Going after the kids may have been a magnificently vainglorious, and ultimately successful, attempt to achieve this title he's been after all along, but it was, also, you've got to admit, pretty damn mean, petty, sick and repulsive.

Whenever you hear evil-sounding stuff about Bush you initially think that it must, at the very least, be slightly exaggerated by his political enemies, but then there he is when you turn on the news passionately going on and on about whatever it is you thought even Bush couldn't try to pull off. Sidekick Dick perhaps and definitely that other constantly angry guy, whatshisname, oh yeah, Rumsfeld. But you can't become president and be that much of a dick, can you? Well, the answer, Bush seems to want made emphatically clear is "Definitely".

And to conclude let me step aside and allow H.L. Mencken, the famous American journalist, to sum up with his perfectly prescient prophecy, which he wrote in The Baltimore Sun way back on July 26, 1920: "On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Friday, October 5th, 2007

Great one

Nice work. However, America's Congress is technically the Senate plus the House of Representatives. Just like Parliament here is the Senate and House of Commons together (get RID of the stupid "upper" chamber already, damnit!).

Also, you do realize that Mencken's comment was printed in *1920*, right? That VERY November—though it would, of course, be even worse when Dubya cheated his way into his country's top office—the American people would elect Warren Harding for President, who was actually classified (in 2010, no less!) as the only White House occupant whose intelligence measured less than the "Decider." As if that rat could legitimately and independently decide anything at all good for the people of his country or the world at large.

If anyone thinks George Bush will stay out of the sewer, they don't know George Bush. You may recognize that line as coming from the classic episode of "The Simpsons" when W's father moved into Springfield and earned Homer's complete and utter enmity, and more specifically, as said cartoon Papa Bush prepares to accost Bart and Homer as they sneak up to his house from the sewer.

I'm sorry, I'm probably being pedantic. It's almost prophetic, though, how the Simpsons managed, basically five years in advance, to predict the disaster that would be Junior's tenure.

Michael Hadfield

Bush as Worst President Ever

I believe it was Phineas T. Barnum who said, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." It is utterly humilating for many Americans, including me, to have this man as President of the US. Many Presidents have been mean, many callous, many self-impressed, many mistaken, but this guy wraps all those defects into one incredibly stupid and ignorant, though canny, human being. He is a disaster for the US, his party, and the world, and it will take years to undo the damage that he and his posse have done. How to measure how awful he is? Well, imagine thinking that we didn't know when we were well off when we complained about Nixon. It's come to that. David


"I believe it was Phineas T. Barnum who said, 'Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.'" H.L. Mencken, actually.