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An Open Letter To America Concerning The Hate-Filled Homophobes of The Religious Right

The fact is here in Canada same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 and not one traditional marriage that I know of has ever been threatened or damaged in any way whatsoever.

An Ex-President Like No Other: Jimmy Carter The Passionate Feminist

Whatever you may think of his days in power, there's really no denying that since leaving office back in 1981 Jimmy Carter has become perhaps the greatest ex-president in American history.

The Great Anti-Canadian-Healthcare Fraudster Joins The Great American Healthcare Debate

By now you've all probably heard of Shona Holmes, the Canadian woman featured in those TV ads that have been running all over American TV in recent weeks, the ones slamming Canada's healthcare system as some sort of nightmarish system from hell. Well, the truth is now out and the fact is Shona Holmes never actually had a life-threatening brain tumor like she's been claiming.

The War On Terror Charade: 14-Year-Old Terrorists and The Fight For Western Civilization

Whatever one may think about the so-called "War On Terror", there are certain stories that both boggle the mind and dramatically highlight just how ridiculous this War Without End really is.

Nothing To Fear But Truth Itself: Criminalizing Criticism of Israel

The labeling of all criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic" threatens not only free speech and open debate, but the search for peace in the Middle East itself.

The Obama Inauguration Rave: The Shortest Rave Ever

Isn't it great to once again have such an articulate, intelligent, thoughtful, level-headed person in the White House? Someone who's not only an incredible inspiration to so many people, but someone who's also genuinely compassionate and empathetic.

Bye Bye Buffoon: The Final Bush Rant (Featuring Supertramp)

It's finally over. The eight long, dark, depressing, nightmarish years of Bush and Dick's reign are finally over.

The Lovefest Continues: Sarah Palin on Africa, NAFTA and more

Senior aides to John McCain have been leaking details about Sarah Palin and, man, are they ever doozies!

Obama Wins: The Nightmare Is Over. So Why Am I Crying?

Do you really need to hear another person tell you that Obama's election was historic? I think not. But I'm going to say it anyway.

Fear and Loathing in The Heartland: Republicans' Lovefest With Ignorance

What's up with Republicans and their love of stupid anyway?

Pallin' Around With Pinochet: Seeing The Real McCain At Last

Pallin' around with actual terrorists, John McCain's dirty little secret.

Freedom Fly: Bottled Horniness For The Truly Patriotic American

For the truly patriotic American, are the Spanish the new French?

Freedom Fetterers: The Story of a Bankrupt Philosophy

Once upon a time, way back in the 1980s, with  their nation's economy suffering under the chains of regulation and the tyranny of oversight, some seemingly intelligent people agreed something had to be done.

Red, (Very) White and Clueless: The Tale of Two Americas

As the two Americas, both Modern and Medieval, battle it out, the Republicans hold a convention and show what they're really all about.

Driving Mr. Laden: The Most Hideous War Crime of All

As bin Laden's driver is put through a monkey trial down at Guantanamo Bay, the question remains, what about his cook, grocer and barber, shouldn't they all be put on trial for "war crimes" as well?

John McCain: An American Hero My Ass!

Since when does dropping bombs on civilian targets make you a hero?

The Obama Rave or The Audacity Of Hoping For The Obvious Choice

When it comes to politicians, few are as inspirational as Obama.

The Wright Stuff: The Jeremiah Wright Rave

Rather than the raving lunatic that the American media would have you believe him to be, Rev. Wright may, in fact, be quite sensible in most things he has to say... even if people don't want to hear it.

The Axis of Medieval Rant: Bring On The Show Trials, Witches and Waterboarding

The Bush Administration and their buddies over in Saudi Arabia: So many shared values.

Bush, The Veto and The Little People: The WPE Rant

In a final triumphant bid to once and for all secure the title of Worst President Ever, Bush goes after the children... the poor and sick children.

The Not-So-Great 38

Who are these people? Seriously, who are they? How can poll after poll tell us that between 32 and 38% of Americans are still happy with Bush's performance as president?

Eulogy for Jerry Falwell

Christopher Hitchens speaks some truth about Jerry Falwell.

Shut Up Already: "Americans Are Crazy"

A review of a great article entitled "Americans Are Crazy: 'Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing' makes it too clear".

The Always Look On The Bright Side of Life Rant

Rampant raging homophobia everywhere and mass killers walking free, but still I try to find the positive.

The Bigus Dikus Rant: The Bush and Dick Show

Don't you ever get the feeling that George W. is a whole lot like Pontius Pilate in Monty Python's classic film "Life Of Brian" and he just can't figure out why everyone's laughing at him?

The 11-Year-Old Terrorist Rant (A.K.A. The Great Leader Rant)

We know those 3 boys (aged 13, 15 and 15) that the Americans just released from the Guantanamo Bay gulag were a serious threat to U.S. and world security. We know because Great Leader told us so.