"It Ain't Me, Babe"


Some highly recommended sites. All Mikes, no Dislikes:

The website of The Master himself.


Naomi Klein

The website of the brilliant political writer and activist.


The Stephen Lewis Foundation

The official site of Stephen Lewis' amazing foundation, a foundation dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa through the funding and support of grassroots organizations on the ground throughout some of the hardest hit areas of the continent.


LizMars Productions

The website of the great documentary filmmaker, Liz Marshall, who also happens to be my sister. This site's dedicated to the amazing work she's been creating since the mid-90s, including the powerful series of films she made in 2006-2007 for The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

A site dedicated to promoting progressive books (Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"), films ("The Corporation", "The Take"), TV shows ("On The Map with Avi Lewis") and more.


Offside Sports: The Artwork of Ken Henderson 

A site, as the name suggests, dedicated to the great Sports Editorial cartoons of Ken Henderson.

The official website of the great documentary filmmaker and political activist, Michael Moore.

The official site of the fantastic folk-punk singer, songwriter, author, political & social activist and all-round great guy, Billy Bragg.

The official website of one of the most amazing songwriters and performers working today.


Jason Scott: confessions of a self hating politician

For all things political on the Sunshine Coast and in British Columbia in general. If you live in B.C., it's a site well worth checking out.




Expecting Rain: Bob Dylan Fan Site

Bob Links: Dylan Fan Site

Not Dark Yet: Dylan Live in Concert

Thrasher's Wheat - A Neil Young Archives

Rock Turtleneck

Restless and Real - words and sounds from a shrinking world








The Real News Network

Daily Kos

Better World Links

Democracy Now!

Mother Jones Magazine

The Huffington Post

BBC News

Canadian Dimension Blog

The Tyee


Misc: online site of The Georgia Straight Newspaper

Rolling Stone Magazine - music, movies, politics and more

Spin Magazine - music, movies, politics and more

Premiere Magazine - movies

Stuff White People Like - humor

Our Big Earth - kids and parents