Life in Canada

"Bringing It All Back Home"

After living at home here in Canada for the first 22 years of my life, I left on an adventure back in January 1990, not to return again, aside from a few visits, for another 15 years. I love living and traveling overseas, but there's simply no denying the quality and beauty of life here in the Great White North... or actually, in my case, the Great Green North, which is where we live here on the West Coast.





Olympic Joy, Heroic Sid, Drunken Happy People, and Freaky Norwegians

A look at the highlights of the Vancouver Winter Games, particularly those found out on the streets of the city.

A True Canadian Celebration

Celebrating, Canadian style. Complete with the Great Canadian Meal.

The Tale of Dale and Paul The Not So Small

When I was a kid the scary people were not those who many would suspect of being a  threat or a bad influence. No, the terrifying people around me were those often considered to be the most upright members of society.

Daddy, The Monkey and The Halloween Carol

A first Halloween experience and a lesson in compassionate taking.

The Inappropriate Grandma Rant

A story of how one woman took the whole gift-giving experience and transformed it into something that no one could ever have imagined. Inappropriateness and grandparents, unfortunately, have a long interconnected history, at least in my family.

The Too Old Timer Rant (A.K.A. The Old Timer Rant Part Two)

Who says 7 days a week is too much when it comes to physical exertion?

The Old Timer Rant

"You know how I know you're old?", a disgusted son said to his dad. The Summer of Love and Sports... and aging.