"Blowin' In The Wind"

Whether it be popes, presidents, prophets, peasants or pacifist peacemakers; monarchs, missionaries, Marxists, Maoists or mass-murdering megalomaniacs, history is full of fascinating and occasionally heroic and inspiring, but, sadly, far more often despicable and cruel, characters. That is, for every peace-loving Gandhi there have been ten war-and-death-loving Genghis Khans, Stalins, Hitlers, Pol Pots, Saddams and, not to forget, Dicks & Dubyas.



History Has Spoken: Bush Finally Seals The Deal

Talk about a legacy! Talk about a performance! Talk about a Presidency!

The Mindless Nationalism Rant: Vimy Ridge, Vimy Ridge, Vimy Ridge

Mindless nationalism at its very worst. A nation - Canada - celebrates a pointless victory in a meaningless war.

Touching The Untouchables #2: Charlemagne

Greatness defined through military might. By this definition, Hitler was a Great Man. But, then again, Hitler didn't do his slaughtering in the name of Jesus.

Touching The Untouchables #1: Thomas Jefferson

Can a man be considered great even if he's a complete hypocrite?

The Winston Churchill Rant

Voted "Greatest Briton" in a BBC contest. Let me see if I can guess for which mass slaughter.