The Environment

"A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"

As we rapidly destroy the planet, most people seem much more concerned with the latest celebrity news than they do with saving the Earth for themselves and future generations. Are we really that pathetic?




Morally Bankrupt & No Longer Even Trying: Canada Opposes Ban On Endangered Bluefin Tuna

A look at Canada's complete indifference to just about every environmental issue out there today and, specifically, its recent stand against protecting the endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna. The tale of a once well-respected nation's slow journey into pariah status.

We're #1: A More Positive Take On Canada's Dismal Environmental Record

Just because Canada ranks last in the G-8 when it comes to our environmental record and just because we're the worst per capita polluters in the world is no reason to feel ashamed of our country, is it?

The Let's Get It Together Canada Rant (Canadians Among Worst Environmental Degraders In The World)

Canadians are, per capita, the worst contributors to greenhouse gas pollution and global warming in the world. But this isn't the only thing that has distinguished us, or at least our government, as pathetic in recent times.

The No Brainer Rant (Avi Lewis' Show On The Environment)

Radical steps must be taken to save the planet. It really is a no-brainer.




Ther enivroment

Canada is responsible for 2% of man made global emissions. So even if Canada has zero population the world would be still at 98% of man made global co2. Talk about being an alarmist .

Alarming facts

Producing an incredible 2% of total global emissions when the country only makes up 0.0048% of the world's population (34 million in a world of 7 billion people) indeed makes Canada one of the world's worst environmental degraders and per capita polluters.


Alarming? Yes. Alarmist? Far from it.


Mike Cowie